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Post your best crafts, homie needs some hope

Looking to craft shoulders/bracers/gloves for my pvp WD, so far barely any luck. Any really good ones out there that might keep me crafting?
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I crafted a 9/50/10 gloves. ;) 100+ tries but very worth it and way cheaper. Good luck on ur crating.
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Crafted really nice shoulders and bracers for my DH. You can check them out. Shoulders were first try, and bracers 6th.
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I got some really solid gloves after 50 complete failures. Trifecta
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My amulet and shoulders are my best. still trying for that trifecta gloves though.
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around 70 ammys, the one i have equiped decent trifecta.
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i got a perfect tri gloves after about 15. gloves seem to roll tri pretty easily, made one for my wd in like 10 tries. ammys are a !@#$% though, ive done about 50 and only have an average one. bracers and shoulders you should be able to get solid ones pretty darn easily.
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Check my gloves and shoulders! They are pretty neat :)
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600+ tries for ammy
100+ tries for shoulders
200+ tries for armlets

I stopped crafting gloves after about 300... I got a decent trifecta that was a 2500 dps upgrade, but I need to have some AR or Vit for me to consider it an upgrade over my current pair.

I'm currently back on the amlets... I really want to get 250+ dex, around 100 vit, 70+ AR, 6 CC with a kicker of either pick-up radius or armor.
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