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Anyone getting constant disconnections ????

This has just started
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Yep...suffering that as well
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same here typical of this flippen game.
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Just started here as well
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How about now? During the continous disconnections, internet browsing was not affected at all. So it wasn't ISP issue?!
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I've been logged in for the last 30min(to check if it's happening) and haven't DCed. What ISP are you guys with?

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doing it in public games and single player - TPG here - Normal internet is working fine.
My last DC happened after 20 mins of game play - then got kicked off batlenet also...posting this as unable to game again
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yeah just got d/c 5 times int he last 1hr, or kicked out back to loggin screen
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I've been getting disconnected the last 2 times that I've played. I haven't played for a week as my new PC is on the blink (crappy windows 7 and hardware issues).

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not getting disconnects, but getting spiky MS for the last 48 hours, im with Telstra in Syd
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I am with Telstra and just had the whole line repaired over the last few months. Over the last 48 hours I have been disconnected for no reason. I checked my modem and there is no down time and the MS has been good at around 200 ms and that is good for Townsville.

I have been booted back to the home screen and can enter a game basically straight away.
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I am still getting booted from games.

I thought it was a connection problem at the start, but that has been checked and checked again. All is actually fine. I play other games and have no problems at all.

My latency is fine.

It does not boot me out altogether, just to the Act Selection screen.
It really sucks when you have just got your 5 stack.
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15 dc's yesterday , first 1 this morning in less then 10 min , so untill you guys feel like adrressing this issue i think ill go play something that wont boot me out every 10 to 15 min.

Thanks for the info Blizz we appreciate your efforts to keep us in the dark fumbling around looking for the F%$#ing light switch.

PS. fix your god damn game.

Disgruntled Gamer.....

edit: I'm with Telstra
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I'm in New Zealand, with Telecom, and today have had an unstoppable run of disconnections...sometimes I can't even get on, with a 3003 error, other times I get on and am quickly kicked off. It's never been this bad before.
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i got dc 3 times in a row while doing uber 10 mins ago.
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Ive been on 800-2k MS for the past 30minutes its stupid! I can't test if its just public games because i was ment to be doign ubers!
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I've been lagging up a storm! Unplayable tonight for me
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Yep gettin kicked again tonight - 3003, 3006, 3007 errors not even getting to main character menu is bombing before full authentication mostly.

Last night I was in for a good 30-40 mins at a time before any issues, meant (as of late) I had to log out / in again before i could resume play to stop the map freezing / lagging.

Tonight it's useless AGAIN 8-(
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I just got badly lagged (not frozen, could move around) at 7.52pm Brissie time tonight - curious if anyone else had the same issue? Internet is fine, speedtest, latency are all good in general. In game latency is high at 800+ ms though. Teleported to town (inferno mode, act IV is not a good place to experience serious lag!!!) and it took nearly 2 mins to actually take me to town. Parts of the game layout were missing too, stairwells but nothing at the base of them for me to move onto.

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Logged in 5 times so far tonight - cant load Auction House, Game or change characters - wicked 8-(

Get 3003 errors on europe, Asia servers timing out logging in quite a bit as well.

*update* 12 attempts down...great i get to Base camp on American server & yet can only run around & do nothing more...no Auction house either & i just lost all the items i was bidding on as well... what a wicked "service"...
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