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Can a Blue please read - constant disconnect


The thread above is 19 pages long with regards to disconnects from the servers.

Maybe I missed it, but there is no blue comment and people are getting seriously annoyed and are intending to move away from Diablo 3.

I have had no more than 10 -20 min play at any one time before I am booted back to the 'Act' selection screen.

I have gone through everything, even contacted my ISP, but my end is fine.

Is this a acknowledged problem.

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Yeah exactly doesnt matter if i try the Europe, Asia or America servers tonight, can't access my Auction (had some SWEET one-off items being bid on bet i lose them CHEERS GUYS) - 3005, 3006, 3007 & 316704 errors...

Like this is the worst ive seen it... this can't go on if they expect ppl to actually be able to play - two days & i cant even bring up my player stats? Let alone any game play...
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The thread above is 19 pages long with regards to disconnects from the servers.Maybe I missed it, but there is no blue comment and people are getting seriously annoyed and are intending to move away from Diablo 3.I have had no more than 10 -20 min play at any one time before I am booted back to the 'Act' selection screen.I have gone through everything, even contacted my ISP, but my end is fine.Is this a acknowledged problem.Help

Hi Romulus,
Disconnects at various times are a difficult problem to diagnose. If the tech forum is not responding then I suggest that you log a ticket to have this investigated by the customer service team. I would love to help but the tech forum and customer service would be the ones that can.
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I remember reading about this issue just as the game came out. try this if you haven't already: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-network-ports-information
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I'm going to wage in on this post (normally I wouldn't) as I have seen a few people lately complaining about latency and or network related issues (disconnects etc.)

Romulus - Unfortunately I think you might be in the minority here when it comes to a 'global' issue where and when I say global I mean affecting a > 70% of aus/nz players who connect to the same environment that you are having troubles with. Please understand that between your home pc/laptop and the server farm that run the Diablo 3 there is a multitude of hardware and points of failure that can interrupt your gaming experience.

Yes your ISP may be online and have no reported issues however they only have a certain amount of visibility of their own network, let alone the network that blizzard connects to and that you yourself use at home.

I understand that you are frustrated and you feel that its Blizzards problem to fix, but the simple matter is that 'It's not their issue to fix' you yourself have to set in motion the steps to help try and identify the issue and escalate it to the appropriate team/company for assistance in getting it resolved.

- Is any other application or game experiencing similar timeout or latency issues ?
- Is there a trend as to when the issues occur i.e. time of day ?
- have you logged a ticket with blizzard support ?
- have you logged a ticket with your ISP ?
- have you had your home network validated ?

Whilst coming to the forums and asking 'is there a problem?' is a good way to identify if their is a global issue ? however when the majority of responses is that 'there is no issue' I'm afraid you'll have to ask the above questions and act upon them accordingly.

Just make sure that if and when you do engage support from companies, to be as detailed and clear as possible with your information as this will certainly help them more.
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Add me ingame. Ill run you through what i had/have to do. I used to get d/c'd every 10-20 mins until a mate told me about this.

Note: i prob wont be online til maybe friday night, or sometime over the weekend. Add me with the msg 'help'
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I haven't had a problem nor my friends, most people who don't have a problem don't weigh in to say they are fine so its not really a fair consensus as only the fraction who do have problems are voicing it. Not all players.

I work with high jeopardy complaints with ISPs on the national network when a person keeps getting disconnects , latency and drop outs eventually get told by their ISP they are fine even after several re-reports get fed up and finally go to the communications authority the TIO / ombudsman. In my years of experience I'm sad to say even the tech savvy users can get it so wrong to blame the game servers for their very faults. There's many network bridges that connect your devices to the modem to the exchange to the fibres to each server towards blizzard. most 80% of the problems come from incorrect assumption and winds down to issues with Customer access network locally , RMS issues, congested dlsams , distance from exchange, faulty filters /incorrect filtering with multiple sockets, faulty MDF's for apartments or multi sub division units. the other half is even if your Internet service provider have looked into your fault these days most Internet service providors have their tech support groups offshored to the phillipines who may sound like they know what their talking about but have really little understanding of diagnosing your fault or providing a resolve other than suggest a new modem replacement. This is partly because of the fact we are now in the year 2013 and all ISP's have fired the skilled aussie technical specilist in favor of cheap call centers overseas to assist you. The hard fact is the ISP's are lacking real technical network analyst all the skilled have been lost when they made all the aussie technical centres face closer for offshore indian/phillipine replacements. and therefore the ISP's always get it wrong or miss the fault you are actually having.

One of the major faults are RMS for constant drops, for some reason offshore consultants are not trained, symptoms usually involve consistent drop out intervals always at a pattern, even after they send out a tech to your place they cannot figure out why it is a technical issue only remote testers can perform and pick up, unfortunately this is a skill offshore consultants are not trained in. You'll be luck after say 5 re-reports and lodging a TIO complaint against your ISP will they ever escalate it to my level or a onshore SME (subject matter expert) who will utilise all available tools to finally diagnose your issue.

The sad part is these days if you have internet problems and report it to your ISP, their offshore technical support techs lack the skills and attention to detail to diagnose or pick up what is wrong, it's a sad fate with the level of support ISP's give these days due to mass offshoring, even if they say there's nothing wrong you have to keep re-reporting it until finally they will escalate it higher if you are lucky.

P.S This applies to all ISP's even Telstra by end of financial year this year the level 2 escalation tech support for bigpond customers no longer have a privilege to speak to a expertise onshore consultant as they have been made to transition offshore and the current skilled technical network specialist are made redundant and their skills will be a great lost to aussie consumers. this affects all other isp's as they provide their services on the back bone of telstra copper network (TPG, dodo, IINET, SPINTEL etc.)
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right click the diablo 3 icon select run as administrater play no discons
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