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CC Mempo price has skyrocketed

Literally the price has doubled within this past month... You use to be able to pick one up for about 220m. Now they are like 400+. With all the people bailing from this game why the massive increase in price?
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probably some market manipulation. I was hesitating to sell, but finally did. sold my 4%cc for 650m. that's 300m more than what I paid not too long ago

could also mean..... alot less players farming = less drops, so the godly items will be more rare..

hard to say without a pricing history in the market like EVE online has

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According to a friend of mine the price of gold has dropped to like 5 cents a mill on black market sites in the past week.
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That's expected to be honest, you have an unlimited production of a resource, it's going to become worth less and less.
As it becomes worth less and less, the price on things you can buy gets more and more.

And if less people are selling CC Mempo's, then the price will keep going up.

I think there aren't enough CC Mempo's to go around is all.
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bad news to me :( I have no way to pick up CC mempo then
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But with the new item mods coming out... you would be stupid to be dropping that kind of coin on a mempo...
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its just that gold price has dropped, so real value remains the same
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03/17/2013 08:46 PMPosted by Shdwflare
its just that gold price has dropped, so real value remains the same

^ Pretty much. Value of gold has been dropping pretty rapidly, so price of items on gold AH are going up fast.
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you should see all the infamous duped 1346 DPS Manticores everyone has and now the 1364 DPS calamity in the RMAH right now. DH market is flooded with dupes left and right. Most good stuff isnt in the GAH anymore and if it is, gets bought up and put up in the RMAH for 200+ $$
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Market manipulation. All the high end items are manipulated. People with billions of gold don't mind hanging onto items at inflated prices because they know if they corner the market eventually they will sell. That's why I stick with the mid-tier items. You get an item 90% as good for 10% of the price.
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