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300m budget, what to upgrade?

I was thinking of a new weapon. I like my manticore playstyle and would like to go this way.

Also, I've been thinking of getting an inna's vast expanse with high dex/vit/res which would also give me +130dex set bonus because I have innas legs. If I decide to change my armor, I'll also need to get a new belt, since the one I'm using depends highly on the set bonus provided by this item along with my chest armor.
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You could always go witching hour for the belt, and either innas or nats for the chest.

I was searching for a weapon with a 300m budget too earlier this week. I couldn't find a dex manticore that I liked, so I settled for a 1250 dps 2 socket 98 crit damage 45% dmg int manticore that cost me 150m. Paid 80m more for the marquise ruby, and together it ended up giving me ~6k more dps than the dex manticore I was looking at for for cheaper. The dex manticore, despite generally costing at least 100m more, would actually only give 1k more dps.

Use d3up.com or your favorite calculator site to get an idea about what dps upgrades you'll get. I see your current manticore has 69% CD; do not skimp out on it this time. For my character, each CD is 300 dps; as you can imagine, 70 CD vs 99 CD is a huge difference. Also if you want to take advantage of a marquise ruby get one with high %dmg.

But yeah, int manticores are very underrated. Look for one with high dps, high cd, and high %dmg if you're interested. Or save up for a 500m dex manticore...
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Thank for the great input ta11geese3

I'm still looking. It's going hard to change my chest and belt, they give me a serious amount of EHP

A manticore upgrade seems less interesting the more I look. It feel like if I dumped all my 300m in a manticore, the upgrade would be minimal. The one I'm wearing is worth about 40-50m right now. Buying one that's worth 6-8 times mine and only giving me a small upgrade seems less interesting out of sudden. MmmMm.. dunno

On the other hand, a calamity seems interesting
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Maybe try to find lacunis? not sure if you can find a good one for 300m though. If youre interested in a calamatiy i have one.
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03/18/2013 11:20 AMPosted by XxNitewolfxX
Maybe try to find lacunis? not sure if you can find a good one for 300m though. If youre interested in a calamatiy i have one.

It's hard to find a good pair of lacunis. The main stat/vit roll is very low, I'm not even going to talk about all res lol.

Looked around a bit, and a upgrade in dps going from 5-8k along with some vit is an easy 100m. I will be losing over 150dex (dodge), % life and vit.

I really need a dps upgrade without changing my EHP too much
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