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And here I am as many predicted would one day happen, returning from the depths of long forgotten tomes of times gone by. I'm here on a mission, however, and you all are the ones from whom I require assistance.

In about a month's time I'll be giving a lecture at the Wisconsin Game Developer's Summit in Milwaukee Wisconsin (http://wgdsummit.com/) entitled "Personal Lore Through Community" during which I'll be discussing the importance of enabling players to craft their own story whether in games or real life. In order to do that, I'd like to utilize some anecdotal evidence from people I have known and from those of you I've never known.

So here's what I'm looking for:

Please post here some snippets of awesome times you've had in WoW (or other games), ranging from accomplishments, silliness, adventures, stories, role playing or events that aren't necessarily a part of the game, but you made happen in your own ingenious ways.

Thanks everyone, I'm looking forward to reading your stories!
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I remember getting out of the map on Halo 2's Outskirts and having a blast, and don't forget Delta Halo. I remember when me and my friend were tea-bagging a brute for some time and a nearby marine shouted.. "That's how we do it in the Marine Corps!" XD. In Halo Reach I remember riding a civilian vehicle all the way up Sword Base (2nd mission) while my friend drove. All priceless silliness.
Don't forget Oblivion! That game has so many glitches...

Silliness is what I will remember most. (not to say I don't like being competetive)

EDIT: Have you ever played TTT? One of the greatest casual games ever (IMO). I would reccomend learning from it.
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Stayed up till 8am doing Yogg Saron 0light on WoW, it was the last day before the nerf, and we scored a kill. Was the happiest gaming moment for me ever, we placed like US 3rd world 7th when we nailed it, and I got a Mirm Head mount.

What a great game, only quit because of work schedule; I'd still be raiding otherwise. Great community/social game.
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What will be your main points in your speech? I'm curious.
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some rogue and his buddy took ironforge over
until i broughteth my paladin in and laid the smackdown.

also: he had pvp items and i did not.
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Vividly remember the first night I was in a raid in MC that got to and killed Ragnaros. He pops out of the ground, goes through his speech that I would hear and see 100 times and pretty much quote verbatim. And the whole time as rogue Im looking up and up and up and seeing his life bar and thinking to myself............."They want us to kill this?!"
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to me a game is a way to enjoy yourself and have fun with your friends without society popularity ruining the fun for you. its a place to meet new people and learn about them even if their lying you might just learn something new. yup to me games are for killing time and making friends :)
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