Diablo® III

My Crafted Necklace = Baby Teeming Necklace

Look at my mine ammy!....
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Wow you guys are so lucky, I haven't counted how many I've crafted but it's over 150 for sure. I would guess close to 220 ish and still nothing beats my current one which really isn't that great =(.

My best craft is my shoulders (less than 20 crafts) and again nothing special, my gloves (75+crafts)for the life of me can't get a trifecta.
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Wow really nice roll on your ammy tho. I've crafted like 400 and mine's still looking kinda funny.
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Mine's OK. I rolled trifecta gloves also. I wish IAS on at least one was a bit higher. I have to keep making gloves and amulet til I get 8% ias or higher so it's useful for nado breakpoints.
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Some pretty nice amulets on here. I made this one I'm wearing a while back. Not trieffecta but the strength and additional damage make it pretty nice.
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I got mine 3rd try
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@ Proph- LOL nice duped ammy! how much you pay?
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Nice ammy man! I actually rolled the one I have on 3 days ago, still can't believe it!
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03/21/2013 08:39 AMPosted by Knightmare
Nice ammy man! I actually rolled the one I have on 3 days ago, still can't believe it!

WHAT???? That's a crazy roll! Grats.

When is it my turn =(?
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Ended up crafting over 250 amulets (total over 500) and to no avail. I crafted my ammy approx. around 50 mark. Anyone else having luck of late?
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Did close to 200 tries over the past week. Found nothing that come close to replacing my current one.
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I did 5xx too. Gave up. Decided to abuse my snipes lol
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Got mine just now, nice 6500 DPS upgrade, after another 100 amulet from my previous.

My previous amulet rolled 33 max dmg, 222 Str, 194 Dex, 700 LoH, 99%CD, 7% CC.

Do you think I should keep trying to have the amulet with Vit or attack speed?
Or try luck on other slot?
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Congrats, I feel like I got a pretty good roll too after about 200ish rolls.
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Guess mine I snot too shabby... did 60 crafts and I think this one was on the 5#? as I did 25 in a row twice.

211 STR
102 DEX
139 VIT
99% CD
9.5% CC
4% DR from Range Atks.

Want to get a trifica though... too damn hard!
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@ ThePlow

Thanks, I hope to achieve 300k DPS with IK set like you, :)

@ Zosla

Well done!! I always want a good amulet with vitality so badly.
I will try my luck at Vitality Amulet again after the Str Amulet rolled today.

I crafted Vitality Amulet in my 1st 100 tries previously (wear by my Monk, Wiz,& WD now),
but switch to Strength base for my recent 100 tries.

I got a good rolled previously on Vitality Amulet, hope can improve from there.

30-60 Avg Dmg
108 Str
228 Vit
250 LoH
49% CD
10% CC
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