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Inna or Lacuni?

Ok, I'm sure it's been asked before. But I'm having difficulty deciding which I should get. I've got very nice rare pants and crafted bracers right now and I'd lose a ton of ehp by switching either of them out.

I've been using Hot Pursuit as a stopgap to maintain 25MS, but I'll free up that passive slot if I can get 12ms more on gear.

Pros to Innas:

1) I can get the set bonus if I keep my Inna's belt.

2) I can probably sell these pants for a ton of money, maybe enough to pay for high quality Innas.

Pros to Lacunis

1) I'll probably get more combined ehp switching out the crafted bracers. They have a ton of vit, but no AR. If I lose the pants, I won't have any AR in either slot.

2) I can eventually get a witching hour to replace the mid level Inna belt that I currently have. That will probably increase my dps more than the 2 piece Inna set bonus.

Maybe I should hold off on doing this until I improve my ehp, perhaps by saving for a crit mempo.

What does the peanut gallery think I should do?
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Personally, I prefer innas over Lacnui's. I think getting a decent pair of high dex/vitality/ar/cc bracers is the way to go.
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craft more bracers lol

I bought lacuni and I almost never use them. I don't need ehp for low mp so I can just use innas; for high mp the limiting factor is my kill speed, not move speed so I'd rather get more defense out of my bracers.

24 ms does help with finding key wardens though, but other than that I don't see much point.
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@OP. I see you have multiple classes.
Get innas/ inna's Vast Expanse for 6% melee reduction. Use combination sets for both dh/monk. Just borrow barb weapons for monk. Do the same for wizard/wd and you have 5 characters to play.

If you decide to get a Lacuni for extra 9% attack speed, go for the vitality one so you can share among classes.
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ya, get innas
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I prefer the Inna's because i use the 2 set and the bonus dex helps me with my dodge chance.
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Go for Inna then craft bracers 'til you get the stats your desire. Well, that's what I did.
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I went with the Lacuni. I was looking at both Inna and Lacuni for bargains, and I managed to snipe these Lacunis for 100m.
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