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Welcome to the Diablo III Ask the Devs global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting your questions regarding itemization, having the community vote for their favorites, and then posting the answers we receive from the developers approximately one week later.

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Part 1: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8198733409#1

The topic for this month is itemization.

To view our latest update on itemization in Diablo III, click here. We also encourage you to check out recent posts made designers Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day for more information.

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Will all legendaries found on Inferno roll level 63 base stat values (armor and dps values) and level 63 “non-base” (affixes) stat values?

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This question is in relation to our current inability to break out of rigidly defined character molds with weapons and items currently providing us with only base stats and minor improvements.

Will on-item skills make a debut in Diablo 3's future?

(e.g. New skills provided by equipped items useable by players much as class skills are used today either as a replacement for a basic skill slot or in addition to. Such skills could be ranged or melee damage dealers, temporary health boasts, teleportation, etc. which would allow for unique melee Wizard or the return of decent ranged Barbarian builds.)
How realistic is the following?

"We've also discussed allowing bosses the first time you kill them in each difficulty to have a guaranteed chance to drop a Legendary."

I've been hesitate to start a new character after playing through the game twice because there is no significant reward given after most boss battles. The lack of a grand prize there dramatically sucks the fun out of the game: amidst these fights my heart is pounding (I play strictly "self-found") *i dodge an incoming attack* *i dodge another* *i get hit--near mortal damage* *i heal* *i take two more hits* *i dodge once more, attack, and strike the killing blow* and what reward am I granted for my awesome victory? A small amount of gold and horrible items twelve out of fourteen times.
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Diablo 2 had one time quest rewards (based on difficulty). Most of these were minor but you had the option to craft a random rare, socket an item, personalize and item, as well as destroy a soul stone for gems/runes.

Is there discussion on adding similar features to Diablo 3 to could personalize gear? Ideas like make the item bound to account but allow you to put your toon's name on it and maybe give some advantage of + damage or armor, give a random white/grey weapon and have it converted to a random rare, etc
The game is filled with white and grey item drops. In practice white and grey items are pretty much ignored as equipable items after level 5 due to Blue and better items becoming available. White and grey items only real purpose currently seems to be to fill out the loot fountain effect, as they are neither cost-effective to vendor nor are they sellable on the Auction Houses.

Do you have plans for making such items useful? All previous uses for white and grey items did not make it to production D3 - salvaging white and grey items, socketing, enchanting, etc.

If you have no plans to improve them can you just remove them from the game above level 10? Or at least allow them to be filtered out of view via a setting in Options?

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I don't know what my question is, I guess is there any plans to get off the MMO treadmill of fixing gear by continually releasing more powerful gear? Explained more below.

Itemization needs a rework. With all classes chasing the same stats it inflates good items to unaffordable levels and makes an exponential gear curve/price point. Really, primary stats and cc/cd/ias need to be reworked, but to do so would mean you would have to do it to gear already dropped, generally a bad idea.

At the rate this game is going every patch that deals with items invalidates the entire set of previous items, every patch that deals with power levels gives something else to grind for (NV, paragon, etc) making characters get more of the same things they already have. A good ARPG system needs choices and I think that is the big problem right now.

As long as the system we have stays in place it doesn't matter what cool affixes are released, if they don't boil down MOAR DEEPS I don't see them being a viable alternative, you will just move the bar of what is BIS (which there shouldn't be a BIS type item that applies for ANY build or class, eg trifecta). The BIS type gear is what makes comparing items too easy.

Also, another parallel gear slot that doesn't use the stats but uses the graphic for that gear would be cool, so players can look how they want. Appearance gear slot basically.
Edited by Darkangel#1524 on 3/11/2013 10:21 AM PDT
Regarding +Movement Speed on items, it is widely accepted that +24% is required in order to be efficient while playing. Apart from the boot slot, +MS only appears on a few select Legendary items. It feels required to wear those particular Legendaries, even if they are a poor choice for our character, either due to having poor stat rolls or being completely unrelated to our class in general. (Inna’s Temperance on Barbarians being one example) What, if any, ideas have been discussed regarding +MS?
Will there be an option to make normal items not appear on the ground?
Why was it decided that the affix "resistances to all elements" should roll higher than single resistances?
If there is a particular skill you like, it's difficult to maximize it's potential because there are only a few slots that roll the same +skill affix.

Do you plan to allow a +skill affix or a reduced cost affix to roll more frequently and on more item slots?
Will the “low level legendaries” receive more tweaking than just updated ilvls? While I’m excited at the prospects of how some of these will perform at ilvl 63, there are cases where legendaries have stats that aren’t relevant, have too few affixes, or in the case of http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/sledge-fist, may simply be too powerful for endgame.
Edited by Pin#1285 on 3/11/2013 10:18 AM PDT
There are currently no item sinks that incentivize destorying well-rolled items. The result is market-flooding and devaluatuion of all but the absolute rarest items. How do you feel about this situation? Do you plan on adding item sink(s) that would take well-rolled items out of the economy?
Issue: Damage disproportion between physical and elemental type weapons.

Why did you design physical (black) damage weapons to be superior damage-wise to elemental damage weapons?

I´m asking about your thought process behind the fact that black damage on weapons:
1. gets the bonus from the "+x% damage" affix and elemental damage does not;
2. is used to calculate the "adds x% to elemental damage" affix while elemental damage on the weapon is not taken into account;
3. is bugged - the MinMaxDamage affix adds min damage first and then checks if the new minimum weapon damage is higher than base maximum damage; if it is higher, the game uses the new minimum +1 as the new base maximum and adds max damage to this value, resulting in higher overall black weapon damage compared to elemental weapons.

It makes no sense that there´s damage differences when there´s no additional elemental damage effects (beside cold snare) in the game and monsters have no resists. This damage difference limits our gearing options as comparably rolled physical weapons will always outperform elemental ones. Here´s two suggestions on how to fix this issue http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7810050948?page=11#201
Will there any way for the players to have some control over the item stats. Such as implementing the mystic?

(For my thought on how this could be accomplished see here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8197760241#1)

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Edited by Malkieri#1456 on 3/11/2013 10:12 AM PDT
Some legendaries are too powerful compared to rares now, so there is no point of having a rare item in specific slots(all weapon types and quiver/source for dh and wiz; mojo for wd; main hand weapon for barbs and monks; boots, chest armor, helm, belt, 2 handed weapon for all classes). Also people who has average knowledge of this game doesn't pick up any rare boots, chest armor, helm, belt, 2 handed weapon, source/quiver/mojo as they don't have a chance to worth something good because of this. There is no item diversity now. Every class has 2-4 viable gear set combination at most and people use one of them without the option of making something custom that is as effective as others. What are you planning to fix this situation?
Edited by x2good4Ux#2652 on 3/11/2013 10:47 AM PDT
Regarding Itemization...

1) What is the reason behind weapon rolls? Weapons that are i63 can have such low dps and worthless stats that they are not even given a second look. Players are only looking for weapons with high dps and i63 can roll too low of a dps.
Edited by Knoland#1632 on 3/11/2013 11:38 AM PDT
Are any new gem types currently planned?
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