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"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization

What are the probs to see items you can use from "Paragon Level" (I assume.. better than i63..)?
My question is: Can you please allow a random number of random attributes for each legendary item?

So in other words, make it so all legendary items at least have the potential to have the maximum number of attributes on it, on top of their fixed attributes.

For instance, The Inquisitor has "+1 Random Magic Properties", so instead it would say "+1 to +4 Random Magic Properties", so it has a chance to have more than 1 random magic property (up to 4).

I really feel this is necessary for Legendaries to have the chance to compete with Rares in terms of stats.
I know I am late but... Will you please, for the love of god, increase the Movement Speed Cap.

And if not, why not?
Are there any plans to look at some of the more underwhelming Set bonuses?

For example, most of the Tal's bonuses and the 0.33 spirit regen bonus on Inna's.

Are there any plans to look at tuning LpSS to be more powerful and on the lines of LS? The two melee classes both have a passive for sustain, but Transcendence pales in comparison to Bloodthirst. Similarly, Barbarians are guaranteed lifesteal on their set belt, but LpSS isn't guaranteed on Inna's Radiance.
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Are you planning to implement ( / bring back) that some classes use some weapons with different speed than others?
I spent a good amount of time thinking up some ideas in this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8087089823?page=21#410 and created a "new" wizard set. Will there be new set and legendary items since the consensus there is currently not a big selection to choose from in the near future?

Second Question: Concerning the expansion, are there currently plans to bring back runes and/or charms a la diablo 2? Is that even being considered? There seems to be a lot of fans that would like to see them back (see http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8156095894#6)
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Issue: Getting item drops that are higher than your current level

I remember regularly getting drops that were higher than my current level in Diablo 2 and other action RPGs, but not in Diablo 3. These kinds of drops are great because they provide an additional reward for leveling up beyond better stats and new skills — finally getting to equip that shiny new rare that's been patiently waiting in your inventory. Will item drops that are higher than the player's current level be returning in Diablo 3?
Are you planning to implement that some or all melee weapons buff melee skills, while penalize a little ranged spells/skills, and vice versa?
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Will CRAFTED rares and legendaries be made stronger as well since dropped rares and legendaries will be made stronger?
Are you planning to implement that long weapons will have longer reach in melee combat than smaller weapons?
With the possible addition of new affixes on rare and legendaries, would it be possible to include an "Any Word" type search in the auction house?

For example if you are searching a Stone of Jordan (SOJ):

Select Dex or Str or Intel type SOJ, then also be able to type in "cold" or "poison" which would return a list of all SOJs with the word "cold" or "poison" in the weapon stats.

or in the case of new legendaries:
Select boots then type in "ethereal" which would return a list of all boots with "ethereal" in text.

I think it would save player time, make pricing less spikey, and avoid need to include drop downs in AH covering all possible new and old weapon affixes.
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I've played D3 since release and always stuck around, and I do believe that you guys have every intention in improving the game, community feedback is vital to keeping this game updated and fun. So here's some food for thought....

People feel that part of itemization regressing from D2 LoD is due to lack of runewords. I believe that implementing the runeword system into D3 will bring back players and give an even more incentive to farm. The drop rate for runes could be similar to the quest in D2 'Hell's Forge.' Players would be required to do a quest that's only available every week.

Another suggestion would be similar to what FIFA ultimate does, they release an upgraded player for each position and it stabilizes the economy. They're regular players who get a little boost based on their performance in real life, and are highly demanded. They only make these 'in-form' players available for one week, which retains their high value. What D3 can do with this is release limited items weekly/monthly, and they are better items than most people would have, and to acquire the item you have to do a super-hard quest/dungeon, or an event similar to clone diablo.

So my question is this, will you guys take some of these ideas into consideration? I truly believe this will make many players happy and bring back players as well.
Quoted from here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7980249170?page=20#387

Finding your own gear

Whenever we talk about what the fantasy of Diablo is and what we want the core gameplay to be, never do we say “we want players to farm gold and go buy items off the auction house”. The AH definitely has made an impact on Diablo 3 and we talk about it constantly, but our conversations are usually in the context of “how can we get players to find their own loot instead of just buying it”. The new crafting recipes and Demonic Essences were added to provide a little bit of this gameplay but we have a lot of ideas for the long term about how we want to go about addressing this. At the end of the day, it is our intention that players are able to find their own items, because we feel the game is just more fun that way. There are several reason why it might not feel that way right now. One is the inherent randomness of our loot system. Another is the fact that the AH completely removes all friction between player trades. And another is when players DO find items they should be excited about, they are often disappointed because this items are not very good. All of these are very important and we hope to address them over time.

- Travis Day
Game Designer

i personally believe that this is getting closer to where the game should be...
  • EVERY average player should be able to get a character to end game with end gear while soloing
  • trading should be the traditional diablo 2 "lobby list" style of entering games
  • legendary items should not have other random useless stats but instead make the primary stat random w/ set value range and the rest of the stats on the item should be fixed stats w/ random values
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    You've mentioned itemizing legendary items so that new builds could be built and based around them. Can we expect many, maybe all, of the updated legendary/set bonuses to alter the way runes, skills, and passives work similar to the blog example of the Wizard Orb that allowes for two Hydras to be active at once?
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    Leveling blacksmithing or jewelcrafting should give some additional rewards, like socketing or item/stat enhancement. Doing so binds the item to your account...
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    Are you planning to create upgradable items/weapons those getting better by kill x type of enemies?
    Please answer: why barb and wizard has fury on crit hit / APoC, but monk and DH (hatred) don't. Do you have any plan to bring back 'mana leech' from D2? If so, every hero has its potential to bring up more builds.
    Are there any plans to make life steal available on items besides mighty belts and weapons?
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