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"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization

Question: Why do "X% Chance to Blind / Chill / Fear / Freeze / Immobilize / Knockback / Slow / Stun on hit" affixes have very low proc rates?

Examples for rare 1-handed weapons are:

1.7% chance to Stun on hit
2.1% chance to Freeze on hit
1.4% chance to Fear on hit

Rare 2-handed weapons can get as much as 5% for these sort of affixes but those numbers are still too low to be of any use.

The only weapons with adequate proc rates are legendaries such as Echoing Fury with up to a 22% chance to fear on hit.
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Players should be excited when legendary drops from monster, it shouldn't matter whether it was shield or gloves (for example - Gladiator Gauntlets: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/gladiator-gauntlets ). When you see a beam of light, it should indicate something special. Are you guys going to improve those legendaries that are currently unused/have bad rolls and affixes? (see this topic, for reference: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7415515028 )
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Have you ever thought about eliminating the buyout option from the auction house? This is the only fair way to conduct business and have a true AUCTION (just what the name AH implies). This is turn will eliminate the possibility of "flipping" items, forcing players to play the game more for gold.
Are there any changes planned for Inna's Reach, or daibos in general?

Very few monks use them. It seems like they can't roll as well as Skorn or 2H maces. They need some love!
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Question about Weapon Type.

Are you going to make a change on how weapon type works in future patch? Except the minor IAS speed different from each weapons, current weapons type are boring. Because each weapon doesn't have specific bonus or ability, players tend to seeks weapon with higher dps number and desirable stats, even if it is a dagger.

At least in D2, blunt weapon does additional damage to undead class. I am expecting some different for each weapon. For example, a spear weapon will increases the range of the character's skill or mace does additional damage against undead and etc in the future patch.

Also, will elemental weapon going to be useful too in the future? Except cold weapon, other elemental weapons are simply useless except looking pretty.
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Issue: Legendary drop chance.

What is the chance for a legendary item to drop from a monster (without magic find) and does it differ between monster types?

This is not about general probabilities of gear drops that we know vary between monsters, I´m wondering about the nominal chance that a gear drop is legendary and whether it´s different for normal monsters and elite packs. The reason I´m asking is because hiding this sort of information from the players makes them doubt the process of item drops and item creation. We should know that the process has a certain automated mechanics and doesn´t simply change on a whim, whenever the developers feel like the drop rate is too high/too low without telling us (don´t take it personally).
In diablo 2 , runewords and other uniques gave certain abilities to your class that you originally did not have and alot of people made numerous builds around that type of gear , such as lycanthropy. Will we ever see (part) of that return in diablo 3? a Demon hunter wearing a unique cloak that gives them the summon gargantuan ability or a Witch doctor with Smoke screen would make uniques extremely fun to actually keep rather than brimstone for a roll of the dice on crafting.
Will the Innas 3 set bonus of 0.33 spirit regen be adjusted to values that matter? Perhaps 33% more spirit regen or a higher number or better bonus. The 0.33 on Shenlong's set is in the same boat.
The Item Blog mentionned increasing the power of legendary items via special stats rather than only CC, CD and IAS.

Are there plans for something similar for rare items? Ideas such as Thorns or Pickup Radius builds have been floating around; any other ideas to expand the offensive stat variety?
Thorns was left out of the Itemization Blog. Will we see the buff to this affix make its debut on 1.08, and will primary stats increase its damage on the same proportion of regular damage? (i.e. 2000 primary = 21x damage)

(PS: So much for advance notice on this round of the Q&A...)

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Thorns is a good example of a stat that, at its core has potential, but in reality falls short. While we plan to improve thorns by allowing a players primary stat to increase its damage, we have other plans that help further embrace thorns for specific classes and specs.
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You talk about "game changing" items but mention only gimmicks that affect certain skills or builds. There is a reason people choose best in slot items. These items allow for the greatest damage and survivability possible so that the player can efficiently farm as high of a monster power as they can. Since damage affects any build out there to (usually) the greatest extent, would there be any reason to choose anything besides best in slot items?

So how will your itemization update approach literally "Best in slot" items? Will you make items to compete with the current heavy weights such as mempo, echoing fury, skorn, manticore, witching hour?
do you have any plans to baff "elemental" weapons so they finally can compete with baggy "black" weapons? i really hope you do)
Issue: Affix roll probability design.

How often do you revise and change the affix weight distribution - the probability of affixes to be rolled on an item?

I´m asking because for example single resistance on armor slots rolls on 70-90% on the new crafted items (depending on the slot), making it by far the most rolled affix of all. I´d like to know what your thought process behind the affix weight system was and whether you revise and change it periodically, depending on new design decisions and plans like improvement of certain useless affixes like thorns and obsolete ones like ignores durability loss and reduced level requirement.

That being said, as a suggestion, it would be cool if you listed any changes in affix distribution in future patch notes.
I love the idea of legendary class set weapons (tal's, nats, immortal kings, innas, zuni) ... but will any be actually useful for the class?
What is your position on item set bonuses?

Do you think it is better for partial (and especially full) set bonuses to be powerful, as they were in DII, or relatively minor, as they are in DIII (with exceptions)?
Will Rakanishu's blade be fixed so that ones currently dropped count towards Bashanishu?

I try to be self-sufficient. I find all of my own items, plans, and materials. As such, I would rather find a Rakanishu's blade that works for this achievement myself, instead of having to buy/borrow one from someone else. While you are fixing Legendaries and sets, can you fix it so that I can get a Rakanishu's blade myself and fulfill this requirement?
do you still planning to exclude mf and gf affix from gear?
I've wrote a huge post about flexible ilvl long time ago, and I'm glad that you guys are finally going in this direction (see this topic, for reference: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004696112 ). Will all of the low ilvl legendaries be able to roll ilvl63 affixes, or you're going only to select few of them?
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