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"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization

One topic about the itemization: Elemental Damage
the premise of Elemental Damage is very attractive for every player, cuz some like more cold, another one fire, etc. But actually, the mechanic it's simple and flat damage, the only difference is the colors of weapons...and the little snare on Cold weapons.
Do you plan to enhance the elments? I mean, they can be very attractive if for example:

Holy: extra damage on Undeads
Arcane: extra damage on Beasts
Lightning: % chance to stun
fire: Ongoing damage around the nearby enemies
poison: after kill, leaves a cloud of ongoing damage

I mean, this can give palyer a second layer of customization, like specilizing in getting Stuns with other skill runes or maybe choosing an arcnae weapon cuz the area u farm most is plagued of beasts , or a WD that has skills that trigger powers after killing an enemy could use a poison wep. This would give elements a right appeal and importance before the eyes of players
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With the proposed suggestions to legendaries, while increasing the dmg and armor of an item would improve it, wouldn't the "Random Property" affix still cause players to think "Is this a good item" instead of "how awesome is it"?

I posted a thread to give you a better idea.

If a legendary is created to improve an underused skill - for instance, the Three Hundredth Spear giving huge buffs to Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear - does that mean those skills will never be buffed to make them more viable for conventional builds?

In general, if players want to use a skill in a particular way and it's not viable to do so, how do you decide whether this should be solved with a new Legendary or by core changes to the skill?
Can we expect to see a more flat dps line across weapons in general so that each weapon roll is guaranteed to roll and +damage affix of some sort so that we don't see all these 2xx DPs weapons in Inferno an weapons in general will be more randomly used - also in regards to the different elements that spawn?

On a side note it could be considered making the +CHD affix part of the +damage so that a CHD weapon will not have as high a DPS listed but when equipped then overall DPS would be similar to weapon with regular damage boost.
The EXP bonus that come after large destruction's, massive amounts of monsters kills, or many monsters killed in one blow. The exp given is VERY low compared to the amount of exp we need to level up our paragon levels. Is there any plan to maybe scale these to where they actually contribute to experience gain when farming? Cause 1967exp after 80 monsters slain is nothing (example). I'm not asking to add a bonus were a player would be giving millions of exp but increase so its worth something to us who are farming.
Items feel to ''WoW'' like, Theres certain stats that everybody goes for. Why are all the ''cool'' items gone from the game? examples would include things like 20% chance to cast level 20 bolt on attack, level 17 might aura when equipped, prevents monster heal on attack.

Items feel way to cookie cutter and there are no affixes interesting enough for people to say i gotta have it!

This is diablo! smash and kill! make an item with like plus 15000 thorns or something who cares if its a little op. It wouldn't feel that way if multiple items had one of those ''i gotta have it!" affixes. Its what makes the game fun.

Itemization needs complete overhaul.
How itemization is made right now, it is entirely pay to win in PVP, is that something you guys think about fixing in the future ?, like adding PVP gear or limiting randomness on the items or do you guys at least are still planning to add a matchmaking that match equally geared people ?

-A PVP player that played Diablo II for 10 years and gave up on Diablo 3.
Is there another tier of crafted weapons on the way?
Being that helmets and weapons are severely handicapped if they do not have a socket, is there any support for having all legendary helmets and legendary weapons drop with a socket by default?
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Could you rework spell damage so that it is no longer based on class core stat and weapon dps?
Why did you think making every single skill ingame scale from weapon damage is a good idea?
I don't want to sound offensive but this really disturbs me. Every class is now chasing the highes dps weapon. Now weapons can roll great affixes but if the dps is bad the item is bad.
I have one question, is this itemization for D3 going to apply to ALL difficulty levels or like every other patch is it going to be ONLY for Inferno end game?
2-Hand Weapon Balance

What, if anything, is being done to balance/buff 2h weapons in the future? It's a shame to seem a rare drop and know that it's going to be worth literally nothing to other players because it's 2-handed. Attack speed is so important to farming items efficiently, so most people don't use 2h weapons (excluding Demon Hunters).

Possibly add affixes to armor:
+2-5% 2-Handed Weapon Attack Speed

buff skills when they use a 2-handed weapon.
Item sink. What are the plans? It has been stated that there was no plan for ladder resets. Is ladder back on the "maybe" list? If not, what other concepts have you thought about?
Is Magic Find as it currently works doing what it needs to do? Could it be better is what I am asking. Basically to me it seems that it is too simple in its current incarnation. All it seems to do is add more affix rolls to an item and increase chances to see rarer gear.

Thanks for your time.
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Not sure if this is related to topic but here goes:

In game item filter option:
- Turn on / off different types of drops

- turning off grey / white / blues weapons / armors (will not show name on drop or pick up)
- giving the option to pick up or click on items unless you press space bar or alt will mouse over it

being a melee monk it happens a lot where tons of stuff dropping in the middle of combat and you click on an item by mistake thus stopping your attack and stand there without doing anything. with tons of special abilities going on making it hard to see that you stopped attacking.

using thunderclap gives me this problem a lot, versus using deadly reach this does not happen at all. and i do realize the range action between the two are HUGE. with thunderclap you have to be PRECISE, then with deadly reach you don't, as long as your mouse is pointing in the direction where there is enemies it will initiate the attack sequence. thanks.
Is there any possibilities for allowing users to differentiate itemization on the drops a little better through the UI?

User selected colors or fonts/typefaces to represent different items or properties. For example ilevel 63 gear drops are colored Red (user selected from a standard color palette). Font size to differentiate between rarities for example.
Are there any plans in the future to balance out stats on items so that if there isn't crit chance, crit damage, and attack speed on rings, amulets, gloves, etc then the item isn't completely useless?

This somewhat goes with the above question...

Is there anything in the works to weigh these stats differently for all the classes through skills, runes, etc so every class isn't looking for the same piece of gear with a different main stat?
I don't understand the reason that rare and legendary items need to be identified in the first place?

Why don't they simply drop in the same manner as whites and blues?
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