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"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization

Issue: Confusing display of affix rolls.

Why did you design the game to display +minimum, +maximum and +min-max affixes in a way that is confusing for the majority of players and do you plan to change it?

For example amulets may currently roll +minimum damage and/or +maximum damage and/or +min-max (e.g. +30-60) damage, which means none, one, two or all 3 may roll. If the former two (one or both) roll on an amulet, they are listed separately but if the third one rolls they´re put together and the game only displays them as +min-max damage and it´s impossible to figure out what values actually rolled. The same applies to attributes, each affix roll should be displayed separately, for example +180 str +145 vit would be displayed as +140 strength, +90 vitality, +40 strength & +55 vitality. There´s enough room for that.

So my question is what was your thought process behind making the game display certain affixes (minmax damage and attributes) the way it does and why did you change how the listing of physical damage (minmax) works in the first place 9 months ago?

Not knowing, what rolls you actually got, makes it more difficult to compare items. Simplifying things for the player should be one of your priorities as there´s way too much important information hidden from us.
Will thorns be buffed in 1.08, or later? What other plans are being considered besides scaling it with primary stats?
You have been discussing "game changing affixes" and have been encouraging us to post our ideas for legendaries we would like to see, which is great.

Are you expecting a new batch of legendaries in a upcoming patch, or will these be implemented into the expansion?
Will the itemization revamp include any systems where non-primary stats found on armor and weapons add certain effects to skills (e.g. for every 50 dex, leap further by 5 yards)?
Are there currently any specific plans to allow players to improve their items - for example, socketing, upgrading a stat, rerolling a stat, more control over crafting?
You seem to be serious about moving people away from the Auction House, but I feel that the current Itemization philosophy of random rolls will never allow that reality to exist. The “random property” system makes it extremely unlikely for the individual to ever find anything that would be considered a “great” or “BiS” item, either through (A) an insufficient number of random properties on specific Legendaries to make them competitive, or (B) the incredible amount of variance possible on each Legendary/Rare that does have the potential to be competitive.

For this upcoming change, do you plan to reduce this variance by altering each Legendary/Rare to be able to roll a set list of desirable affixes within certain parameters so that each and every item that drops (both old and new) has the potential to be useful (much like how Unique Item Rolls in Diablo 2 were handled with a set range of stats)?

For example, Lightsabre. http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Lightsabre_(Diablo_II).
If you found one, it was going to be a good one. It could range from “good” to “godly,” but you were guaranteed something useable. A good example from this game: Manajuma’s Carving Knife, if it had a standard Socket.
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Issue: Auction House affecting item creation.

How exactly does the Auction House affect item drops in the game, if at all?

Quite some time ago there were blue posts about the game being designed with the AH in mind so I´d like to see some clarification about this issue. If the AH directly affects item drops (something like number of items on the AH limiting the drop rate of that item the game) or whether what you meant back then is that drop rates and affix distribution had to be designed in a way that higher tier items/affixes would roll much less in general, because it´s easy to buy them from the AH. It would be nice to have a clear answer once and for all so that people with bad luck aren´t tempted to be paranoid about something shady going on.
"Love Leoric's Signet, but hate wearing a level 17 ring? Me too. Instead of farming Act II Normal to find a Leoric's Signet, let's go farm Inferno and get a level 63 version of the ring!"

Does this mean that every set and legendary item will have a chance of dropping in Inferno?
Hello developers,

What I want to ask is: What are your plans on current "game-changing" legendary items?

Item's that can compete against current BiS, but instead of just plain stat inflation, actually "drive" you into unusual skills, passives or affixes like, for instance, pick up radius. Can we expect to get these types of items?
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Crafting, as it currently stands, is essentially "gambling". You pay a low price for a chance at a good item. Do you have any plans to add new recipes that are much harder to gather the materials for, but are guaranteed to produce a good item? The intent being you can feel progress as you farm the ingredients, instead of gambling where after 100 bad rolls you're no closer to the item you want than after the first bad roll.
My question is as follows...

Item Permanence Issues/ Removing Items from the Economy

In reguards to item permanence and stimulating the D3 economy I can see only two possible solutions. 1) Make items BOE to inject a sense of consequence into the item hunt/character gearing. 2) Give all items a set of charges (possibly 10). Once an item is equipped on a different character it loses a charge. When all charges are gone, the item is lost-possibly converting into a brimstone to mitigate any disheartening feelings of loss. This simple implementation would make gearing decisions to be more thought out and strategic. Furthermore, it would remove items from the oversaturated economy while restoring balance and value to actual amazing/BIS pieces. Is there any current plans to incorporate any ways to remove the mass flood of items from the D3 economy?
I mean, how in Sanctuary did they not see any of this coming?
I made a post in the recent r/diablo thread concerning new legendary ideas. In addition, I made a more in depth post pertaining to a reworking of legendary itemization. The posts read as follows:


Ullr's Battle Plate
Chest Plate

*Main Stat
*120 Cold Res
*Cold skills do 20-80% more damage
*5-15% chance to proc Frost Nova when hit
*Enemies within a 15 yard radius are chilled
*Fire resistances reduced by 300
*+1 Random Magic Prop

Akherahi's Spirit Stick

*Main Stat
*Increases Mana Regen by 30/sec
*Increases move speed by 5%
*Spirit walk duration is increased by 5-15 seconds, can not score a critical strike when in spirit walk
*+2 Random Magic Props

Necrosis Phylactery

*Main Stat
*Increases mana regen by 30/sec
*Can summon up to 2-4 additional packs of zombie dogs.
*Increases minion life by 5-30%
*+1 Magic Prop

How about reworking some current legendaries? I made this post previously:
"On the legendary level, we have four sources, these being Winter Flurry, Singularity, Triumvirate, and The Oculus. This is all good and dandy, except you're likely only ever going to see Triumvirate being used by anyone, and never going to see the first two unless you search the AH or they drop when leveling a new character. However, these could all drop in Inferno, with appropriately rolled stats, and reworked to provide incentive to use them. Here's an idea as to how.

Winter Flurry

Cool looking source, right? I have one in my stash that I equip from time to time because it looks pretty. It currently rolls damage, 2-3% to cold damage, 9-17 int, and 4 random magic props. Now, if these were scaled to inferno, we may see something along the lines of a high damage roll, 2-10% to cold damage, 30-250 int, and 4 magic props. Nothing too special about it, could be scrapped in lieu of a rare or other legendary. Let's tweak it a bit.

First off, let's take that cold damage, change it to "Adds x% damage to cold skills" and scale it waaaaaay high. I'm talking "Adds 75%-150% to cold damage" high. Too high? Not at all. You'll see why later. We'll leave the Int on there, give it normal-ish rolls (170-200). Now that the int is inferno appropriate, we'll take off one of the random affixes. Now it's only rolling 3 random props. Why are we doing that? Because we're going to give it a the ability to roll "10-30% chance to chill" and "5-25% chance to freeze" in its place. Seeming like those rolls are a bit high? Here's the catch:
There is no damage roll.

Essentially, the new item would look like this:

Wizard Flurry

Adds 136% damage to cold skills
18% chance to chill
20% chance to freeze
240 Intelligence
63 Vitality
12 Arcane Power on Crit (Wizard Only)
Adds 10 max Arcane power

Now we have a legendary that doesn't directly add damage, but it packs a hell of a bunch for a wizard that wants to focus on cold spells.

Now, I'm not saying all sources have to take this route and focus on a certain element, but at least make them interesting. For example, the flavor text on Singularity reads, 'Holds the secret to existence for those who can decipher its intricate design'. Let it give life steal and allow the user to summon another hydra! Similarly, leave Triumvirate as the balanced DPS source and make The Oculus the mobility source. Give it move speed, make it reduce my teleport cool down to almost nothing, something that makes them unique from each other and not the same old !@#$ of 'Well, this one gives me 1500 more DPS and drops my Vit by 300 while this other one gives me 1000 more DPS but gives me an additional 1000 Vit'. Those are essentially the only choices this game provides, and those choices are boring at best.

Imagine, for a second, if there was a witch doctor legendary that allowed you to raise 2 or 3 times the number of zombie dogs one can usually summon. Then maybe another legendary increases the health of minions in a range of 50-90%. Now you have a small legion build that can tank for you while you DPS mobs.
Or maybe a different witch doctor legendary increases the amount of time you can stay in spirit walk by 5-15 seconds, but decreasesyour crit chance or removes it completely when in spirit walk. Suddenly you can be invincible for long periods of time, but you can't get those huge damage numbers as a result.

This is the kind of stuff that legendaries should be promoting."

What are your thoughts on reworking legendary itemization to promote variance in builds? Can we expect to see reworks in line with the ones I suggest above? Thanks for your time.
Though many in the Diablo 3 community disagree with the idea of primary stats and the disproportional importance of weapon damage to overall DPS, developers have stood behind their existence claiming that after reviewing other systems, the one currently implemented is best. This leaves players with the feeling that what is presented is “the lesser of the evils” instead of what works best. I. This may be a result of players not knowing what other options were on the drawing table and eventually fell by the wayside.

Could the developers please elaborate on the other systems which were tested for itemization and did not make the final version of the game?
I greatly love the idea of leg items being rolled at high levels and low levels. This was something that was created in Borderlands 1 and 2 and Was a great treat. While playing borderlands at lower levels when I found an item I loved but eventually grew to weak, I would wait till I could get a higher level version of it to satisfy my needs. There are a lot of GREAT lower level legs I would LOVE to use in end game but they just to low of level. Example, Winter Flurry off hand orb for Wizard would be AMAZING as a lvl 63 orb. Magefist is another item that would be OUTSTANDING at lvl 63.

So my question for you is... Will this concept apply to all legendaries? having a lvl range of lvl 10-63?

(omg I hope so. It would create sooo much more variety for leg drops and possibly increase the drop rate for the value of having so much more legondaries to drop.

The idea excites me beyond measure.
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What plans are there to make Diabos (Monk only 2-hand weapons) worth using?
Since the games release the landscape of itemization has changed drastically. These changes, on one hand, have given people more reason to keep farming and trying to achieve more desirable stats. But, on the other hand, these changes have diminished the player bases previous efforts to stay current with content, especially if they have spent time away from the game.

How is the new gear itemization going to impact the games difficulty?
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