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"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization

Sorry if this has already been asked, but the name of the game on these is speed!

Q: Have you reconsidered adding interesting effects back onto elemental damage?

Holy Damage = Extra Damage to Undead
Fire Damage = Extra DoT
Cold Damage = Slow Enemies
Lightning Damage = % Chance to Stun or Paralyze
Poison Damage = DoT and % Chance to Spread
Arcane Damage = Chance to Stun or Blind
"Black Damage" = No extra effect (but benefits from % Elemental Damage)
Do you have any concrete plans to fix One with Everything so that monks aren't locked into having to roll a double resist? having that extra necessary affix on an item means monks get forced to pay extra for their gear.
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My question is about Vanity, or lackthereof, and Character customization.

Vanity and Character Customization

A large reason why itemization feels so vanilla/generic is due to the simplicity of stacking a few affixes over all the rest. This detracts from originality and unique playstyles. One way to assist this lacking system of itemization would be to allow players to customize/improve their characters in another way--vanity.This would add depth and interest to this d3 timesink where players have hundreds/thousands of hours invested to particular toons. Vanity rewards are indeed a form of endgame content that could easily be added as rewards for achievements or possibly timed event rankings. By adding vanity rewards you kill 3 birds with one stone--players get endgame content, character customization and the achievement system becomes relevant. I am pleased to see that the team realizes that VANITY needs to exist in any game with such a significant time investment! Why was this not implemented pre-launch and what specific steps will you devs take to add some sense of variety, character customization and vanity to d3?
Q: Currently items make up a vast majority of a character's total ability scores, and the level bonuses make up a minority. This is a total flip from what it was back in D2. Would it be possible to invert this?

My suggestion would be to increase the number of stats awarded per level. This also gives you the opportunity to auto-assign some stat points (as currently) and let the players choose to assign some of them on their own (dodge barb? tank wiz?).

After increasing the character stats you could decrease item stat rolls drastically. This would allow a much wider range of items to become more viable, thus exponentially widening the item market across the board.

What are your thoughts on this?
Why did barbarians receive life steal on their belts?
Do you have any plans to buff shields to narrow the damage gap between dual wielding, two-handers and S&B?

Currently I feel that the damage gap is simply to large and most (likely 90%) refuse to use a shield. Who can blame them?

I would think the damage should look like this after any changes.

top damage - 2hander
2nd damage - dual wield
3rd damage - S&B

I'd like to see Crit chance roll up to 20% and main stat boosted to 500 maximum. While we are at it, maybe a stormshield should get a 25% crit damage permanently on it. And what about making Life regen max at 1000 so that if a shield was used with massive life regen you could for go life regen on other item slots to maximize damage. Or maybe All resist boosted to 150 to accomplish the same goal of not needing it on other item slots to boost the damage on those slots.
Q: As a possible gold and item sink, would it be possible to allow players to invest gold and materials into increasing rolls on items, but have that make the item BoA?

This would allow players that don't get many drops to at least invest in what drops they do get. They would have to invest gold and crafting materials, removing those from the market, and the BoA will reduce the improved item from the market, as well.

I would say that items should be allowed to increase up in the neighborhood of 80-90% of a "perfect roll". You cannot buy your way into a perfect item, but you can definitely buy your way into a good one.
From the itemization blog:

Love Leoric's Signet, but hate wearing กิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิ a level 17 ring? Me too. Instead of farming Act II Normal to find a Leoric's Signet, let's go farm Inferno and get a level 63 version of the ring!

Will low-level legendaries also get their legendary-specific affixes scaled up to ilv63, or only the random/regular affixes? For example, in this case, would the +Exp% bonus from Leoric's Signet also be scaled up, or just its +primary stats and +health globes affixes?
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Right now, items have a set of affixes that they must have. If they fail to roll those affixes, they are most likely not going to be upgrades. Introducing new competitive affixes is a good thing, but in the end, it will only increase the number of required affixes to make said item good.

How will you create "choices" if all those affixes may roll on a single item? There needs to be cases in which 2 desirable affixes cannot coexists, else, we're just going to get both.
It is clear that you're Diablo 3 game can not meet our expectations of a Diablo game and with that said. When will you guys bring back all of those fun and wonderful things that were in past versions of the beta, runes and when will you add more than 4 types of gems? You got to stop dumbing down your games.

This may be off topic but it has to do with items, When will we see the AH get reworked? When Diablo 3 was released, uncommon items (blue) were useful, and now they are not. What I am getting at is this. Why does the AH need to have white or blue items on it? Doesn't that waste memory and resources? Another thing is it is next to impossible to remove vast quantity of items from the game. Are there any plans to fix this? It is time for you guys to intervene in the Diablo 3 economy with an AH reset and just deleting every item that is listed. The economy needs to start a new.
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While i appreciate that there will now be more bis gear to choose from (most classes are wearing similar belts/helms nowadays), will something be done to make it more likely that players actually have an increased chance of finding something bis, ie day one player and i havent found a single drop that i can say is bis for any of my 5 lvl 60 characters
Issue - Paragon Leveling System.

Question - Why did you design the Paragon System with such little reward, other than Magic/Gold find?

Reasoning - Yeah, I like the Paragon system. However, there is little value and incentive to grind for high Paragon Levels other than for showing off. The minimal Magic/Gold find statistics that are upgraded per level can be easily disregarded if I farmed a higher Paragon Level.

I believe (as many others do as well) that MORE incentive should be added per every 10 levels of the Paragon Level system. Added benefits can be anything from:

PL10-19 = Increased Pick-up Radius
PL20-29 = Increased Block %
PL30-39 = Increased Dodge Chance
PL40-49 = Increased Movement Speed
PL50-59 = Increased Life Regeneration
PL60-69 = Increased Fury/Discipline/Mana Pool Regeneration
PL70-79 = Increased Critical Hit Chance
PL80-89 = Increased Attack Speed
PL90-99 = Increased Critical Hit Damage
PL 100 = Surprise?

If a veteran, newbie, die-hard fan, or even a first-timer saw this kind of system, it's hard NOT to get excited over a system that rewards you for hours of play on a single character. Because currently, there is very little reward for having a much higher Paragon Level than someone else. It'd just be extremely rewarding and would want me to level and grind EVERY character to Paragon Level 100 with such nice incentives.

What are the chances we see this happening?
Q: Any plans to add more gems to the game?

-------- Helm: + Armor
-------- Weapon: % Chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds
-------- Other: + All Resist

-------- Helm: +% Max Resource (Fury, Mana, Hatred, etc)
-------- Weapon: Restore % Max Resource on Hit
-------- Other: +% Resource Regen

-------- Helm: % Chance for Critical Hit
-------- Weapon: % Damage Converted to Life
-------- Other: Duration of Crowd Control Effects reduced by %
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People feel that an item is their own when they worked hard to earn it. As such, self found items or self crafted items can make *you* feel great about said item. With that said, are there any plans to allow players to tinker with already-rolled items to improve them?

Edit: Fixed error by adding *you*.
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How exactly will the itemization in Diablo change, so that we aren't looking for the main damage dealers (CC,CD,ASI,Main Stat)? Will there be another major dmg modifier added?
As I read the blog, you guys wanted to make it so that you can summon 2 hydras instead of 1. Sure that's a bit more dps but I'm pretty sure that having a few more CD points would make more of a dps difference. As I se it right now with my barb for example, has a belt that does an extra percent dmg for his main dmg skill, yet it doesnt feel like a big difference, yet if i were to get a witching hour, my dps would increase by at least 5k.
Also i didnt like the fact that you guys want to remove "unnecessary" stats from items. I'm trying to gear my wizard with dexterity so she can dodge more, and removing that stat from sources would make it harder for me to stack it.
*hope my question gets answered*
Hi Blizzard, Will the itemization steer away from increased attack speed and critical hit damage along with critical hit chance or will the new itemization add to all of those stats ? if so would that mean that you would need to make the game more challenging so players do not 1 shot everything in 4 player public games on inferno difficulty?

Thank you for your time :)

Currently, the only point of white items is for the first 5-10 levels. After that they pretty much become useless and just get in the way. In D2 white items could be used in Crafting and RuneWords.

Currently, the only point of blues items is for characters from levels 5 to 50 or so. After that they pretty much become useless and just get in the way. In D2 blue items could roll higher damage than yellows or golds making them usable in some cases.


Is there a plan to make white &/or blue items a have a reason to exist in the D3 end game?
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For the DH, dual-wielding rarely beats MH + Quiver. Do you have any plans to change or add affixes that can appear on Hand Crossbows, or change the way dual hand crossbows interact with each other? I feel the performance gap should be narrowed.
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