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"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization

It would be great if 2h weapons were viable. not just scorn. this goes doubly so for monk dibos, there is not really a single one i have seen used with any consistency. could you do something about this


thats what i am saying here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8197580149?page=5#82

I hate to be forced to use a two handed Axe when there is a set diabo but it's absolutely useless.
2h and 2*1h vs weapon+OH

All 3 of the choices have about the same offensive stat+vitality potential (or exchange some offensive stat for defensive stat with shield)
But what about loh/lifesteal?
Monk and Barb can get 6% lifesteal and 1800+ loh with 2h and 2*1h.
DH can get 6% lifesteal and 1800+ loh only with 2*1h.
WD and Wiz can get 6% lifesteal only with 2h.

But what about 1h(or bow/xbow)+offhand?
You can only get 3%life steal and 900+ loh.

How about getting double amount of lifesteal/loh from weapon when wearing an offhand?
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Dear Diablo 3 Developers,

In the most recent Developer Blog, Mr. Travis Day mentioned a bit about improving legendary stat ranges.

We plan to allow legendary items to also roll their base stats (weapon DPS and armor value) at the level of the monster that dropped them...

I have a question in regards to the application of this principle in reference to crafted legendary and set items.

For Ex. As can be seem from the Diablo 3 game guide:


There are currently 31 different types of craftable Legendaries and 9 Sets with a total of 36 Set items.

Overall totaling 67 craftable items of set or legendary quality.


Most if not all of these craftable legendary and sets are hardly ever used because of their limited stat ranges and a fix affix range limited to item level 62 at best while the best items in the game are dropped by monsters with item level 63.

Due to this issue, most people do not feel that craftable legendaries/sets are not to par with the current legendaries that drop from monsters.

Your idea to increase the legendary pool by making it so that lower level legendaries can drop from higher monster levels and have affix ranges that are of the same monster level range is a great a start, however this only makes current craftable legendaries and sets even less compelling to use.


Are you going to address craftable legendaries and sets item with the same philosophy of having them be able to roll at variable item level ranges?

Forseeable Problems

I know there are complexities regarding this issue since craftable legendaries and sets are rolled at fixed item levels.

Solution to Forseeable Problems

I suggest a solution to this problem by allowing the player to choose the item level in which they can roll this item via crafting.

The cost of such crafting such an item would be proportional to the item level to be crafted. The reason I suggest this is that even though the majority of players will only craft items which are item level 63, I do not want to completely alienate lower level crafting for those that wish to attempt it.
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Will there be any more variety of items with +% elemental dmg on rings, amulets, helm, gloves etc? currently there are only very few ones available, such as Stone of Jordan and Zunimassa boots.

Mathematically speaking, fast attacking dualwielder will beat the dps of a slow attacking 2handers because attackspeed speed scales very well with fast weapons at the very top end(with all other things being equal). However by having %elemental dmg, 2hander users can look to using it to match up the dps with dualwielders as %elemental dmg scales better due to a high base weapon dmg. So instead of normally stacking Atkspeed/critchance/critdmg, players can now get dmg with %elementaldmg/critchance/critdmg.

Also we need 2hander weapons that have the potential to beat skorn. currently, there is absolutely no contender to it. Monks need better Daibo.
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Some legendary items can make co-op more fun without making it mandatory. An example that comes to my mind is Puzzle Ring. Whenever a teammate uses Puzzle Ring, the whole team is grateful to that player. To some extend, Goldskin could fill that roll too, if it was a little better.

With that said, are there any plans to add "fun" proc on "viable" legendary items/set/set bonuses that benefits the entire party?
Do you have plans for any meaningful Item Sinks to pull items out of the economy? Some examples:

- Items permanently lose X durability on death.
- Option to reroll or increase a single affix on an item, but makes the item BoA.
Issue: Stat stacking, mainly crit

The current gearing choices are all about stacking crucial stats as much as possible on every single piece of gear. The main culprit of this is Crit Stats. A character can achieve ~ 60% crit chance, and over 800% crit damage (up to 420% from dual wield, 100% from amulet, 50% base, 50% from the witching hour, 65% (??) from gloves and 2 x 40% (??) from rings, as well as more from passives. This provides up to 500% ADDITIONAL damage over a non crit based build. Further more, with the crit system, crit stats scale exponentially. The need to stack crit stats to keep up in dps severely limits build variety as most other options are off the table as they can not compete with a dedicated crit build.

The question:

What plans, if any, do you have to move gearing away from it's current state in which stacking crit on every piece of gear feels mandatory?
With the extreme randomness of Inferno drops, I feel conditioned to selling/dusting every rare that drops. When a legendary falls to the ground, I expect to sell/dust it rather than pump my fist and get excited. On the same note, I feel like I'm locked to one build on my main character because its the most efficient for farming. Nothing else feels comfortable. So, This is a two-part question:

How do you plan on itemizing Inferno drops to make other possible builds exciting and efficient, and how will that itemization lessen the amount of "Ugh! Another awful i63" and increase the amount of "yeah! Another i63!"?
Will Identify All identify item in serial (one after another, merely removing the individual clicks) or in parallel (all at once)?

Is there still a need for a two second pause?
Instead of revamping the itemization system to remove less desirable stats from items (re: str on an orb or dex on a mojo).....how about making stat synergies.

Damage would still be based off your primary stat but other stats as well as other affixs would give small bonuses in tandem to other skills, which would vary from skill to skill and rune to rune.

This leaves itemization as it stands and also opens up new gameplay
When crafting Gems, will we have a overview how much gold it costs, and what we get in terms of gems?
Will you implement items that can alter powers looks as in color and design and can yall allow the wizard to cast his powers through his sword or other weps that would be badass
Will Identify All be availible in our inventory and/or stash or at the nearest vendor? And will it cost or be a free button to press?
Why do you have only 1 major and 1 minor class set? If you want to give us meaningful gear and gameplay choices, I think this can easily be done with varied sets. Have you thought about doing sets (2 to 5 pieces for minor to major effects) that have pretty drastic bonuses? Maybe just get the logistics worked out and playable, then add the art for all the sets down the line and use current sets as a graphical place holder.

A few I tought of are:
-Remove or drastically reduce cooldowns
-Qaudruple damage of skills with cooldowns
-Remove delay on a skill between cast and hit (Bola shot, Meteor, Spike Trap) 2 pc set for a certain skill, and a 4-5 piece set for all skills
-Make a DoT instant( Blizzard, WD spells)2 pc set for a certain skill, and a 4-5 piece set for all skills.
-Give AoE spells larger radius, scales with # of pieces.
-Increase resource regen or decrease resource cost for all skills, more effective with more pieces equipped.

Have these set pieces compete with slots that are normally trifecta so we have to make a choice.
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Sockets are a mandatory affix on 2H weapons with only Skorn and Manticore being viable 2H options (ie No diversity). This problem is particularly apparent when comparing other 2H legendary items to Skorn/Manticore.

Will you be making all 2H weapons have a socket, with the chance of rolling a 2nd socket through random affixes?
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In one of the Itemization posts by the devs recently, it was mentioned that one of the ideas was to reduce the QUANTITY of rare drops in favor of making the QUALITY of rare drops much better.

Since I'm as much a "homegrown" player as I can be, making most of my gold via farming and vending items, what do you think the effect will be on players like me, who appreciate making most their of gold "the hard way," if the amount of rare drops goes down considerably?

I'm not complaining about how hard it is to get gold, I like the act of farming and vending...but if I see less rares drop, it will likely take me even longer to make enough gold to craft Marquise gems, for example.
Can we stack more then 100 gems each square in this patch?
Every class specific set consists of 2 class specific items. Except the Wizard.

Why is the Tal Rasha set helm NOT a Wizard Hat?
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