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"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization

Will you add or just buff Legendaries, and if buff, will they be retroactive, meaning it will apply legendaries in our stash? If not, are they only applied on newly found legendaries after patch-update?
One of the most compelling parts of the item hunt in D2 was that every class of item had some merit- certain blue amulets or helmets offered the best +skill bonuses (at the cost of additional modifiers) and certain white items were considered best for rolling runewords. Both had merit in crafting. This made finding items fun in Diablo II even if you weren't getting "godly" rares or legendaries.

As it stands in D3, every blue and white item isn’t worth picking up – most people complain about even having to see them on the screen.

Are there plans of making blues or whites more compelling, through unique affixes or crafting options?
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As a specific example of increased item quality mentioned by the devs recently, items that would have rolled a particular stat affix between 1-100 will instead roll 75-100.

While having rares roll affix values with a higher minimum value does ensure that those rares will be "better" than rares prior to such a change, arguably, a rare that had three stat affixes that rolled 75s, at least to my knowledge, still wouldn't be terribly competitive against most legendaries, even before you buff various legendaries with "game-changing" effects (like multi hydras, ethereal-ness, etc.).

Wouldn't "rarer" rares have to be buffed to roll HIGHER minimum AND maximum values (perhaps in the range of 100-150, maybe even 125-250) in order for people to be excited to see such items drop?
Are we going to see more types of plans in this patch?
It would be awesome to try collect more legendary plans.

I'd like to ask if you are planning to do something to justify the variety of the dropped legendary items.

It's getting quite frustrating to get a lot Windforces, Frostburn Gauntlets, Skycutters, Hellracks etc.. but never something I'm aiming for, for example, a Zunimassa's Pox. I know that this item is superior compared to the ones I mentioned, but usually a single drop is not enough, it has to roll the stats you want to get, making that one time drop usually worthless.
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Class specific items suffers heavily from RNG. It's virtually impossible to roll good stats along with one or two good class specific affixes.

Class specific items could really use a "guaranteed" class specific bonus.

Are there any plans to make class specific items better?
Not sure if this falls under itemization or not, but could you add the ability to change a piece of gear to look like another piece of gear? Id love to have my DH wear a hood instead of a thorny mess (Nats and Mempo.)
One of the more fun builds for Witch Doctors in Diablo 3 is no-cooldown Zombie Dogs/Sacrifice because it gives players the challenge of putting together a unique set to accomplish a fun effect. Does the Diablo 3 team intend to introduce similar affixes for other classes through gear (i.e. a potential zero-cooldown Teleport set for Wizards)?
Instead of having low-level legendaries drop in inferno with high-level rolls, have you considered letting them drop as their normal low-level version and then including a recipe to upgrade them? This system worked well for Diablo II because you had the option to either keep it as low-level for use on your alts, or upgrading it for use on your high-level characters. It would also be a great way to add a gold/gem sink.
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Many people in the forums likely jumped for joy when they read that one of the proposed ideas is to remove non-primary stat rolls from class-specific items (e.g., strength on quivers, dex on mojos, etc.).

It's my understanding that, without formal stat point allocation, one of the ways D3 allows people some personal choice in how they want to buff stats their own way is to pick/find/trade/buy items that have rolled a variety of stats, instead of just specific ones. Example...if I want a Mighty Weapon that sacrifices some Strength Damage in favor of Dex (to get more mileage out of the armor I've built up via increased Dodge Chance), that's up to me.

Now...I do think that class specific items should have primary stats rolling standard, in order to properly buff damage and give more reason to equip them over other items...but don't you think removing non-primary stats entirely from class-specific items will ultimately pigeonhole people into ONLY using class-specific items in various slots, and create a larger gap between cookie cutter builds and more unique builds that DON'T rely on class-specific items?
Will we ever be able to add a socket to an unsocketed item?
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To me, and a number of others in the forum, part of the Itemization issue deals with the quality of items VENDORS carry, as well as the items people can find/craft/trade, after all, itemization doesn't just directly affect the items and upgrades people acquire, but how fast or slow people acquire them.

I suppose with crafting and the Auction House (two things D2 didn't have much of, at least the way they manifest in D3), players have better places to get WAY better items, should they be in the market to buy. So I do understand why vendors carry bare-minimum quality goods...if vendors carried gear that could compete with the Auction House, extremely low vendor prices would easily trump AH prices any day, and there'd be no point to the AH at all as any kind of evolution of trading.

However, has there been any discussion at all on how to improve the experience of visiting vendors, what they sell, how much they sell, or how good the items are that they sell? Bottom line, if vendors aren't carrying viable items for people to buy when they get to endgame, you may as well bring back the Cauldron of Jordan/Nephalem Cube concepts from before launch, so at least if people are only visiting vendors to sell and repair, they can save time selling and salvaging, they can get back out to kill more monsters and see Haedrig to repair when they need to.
Question regarding randomization of the stats:

Why did the developers choose a pure RNG for the stat distribution? A gaussian distribution would solve the issue of most people getting crappy rolls and the godly items would be the ultimate rare find.
Will all legendaries be redone, or will BIS legs stay the same.
While making it so legendaries could spawn with random affixes seemed like a promising change from D2, it's made it so the only versions of those legendaries worth having are ones that roll necessary mods (socket on weapons and helms, trifecta stats, or all resist).

Are there plans to introduce more legendaries with fixed affixes with random values? These could serve as a middle ground for end game gear- not as good as a perfectly rolled legendary with a random affix, but better than the same legendary with a trash affix?
Why are legendary items so hard to find given their hugely random nature? Ive only found 4 manticores and only 1 was decent. As rare as legendary items are, they should be much less varied in terms of power, or drop much more frequently.
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