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do any high end wd's use anything but bears

just curious... hate using the same build as everyone else. been using an acid cloud build, but if bears really is just superior than everything else, i might relent. i ask because almost all high level paragon wd i look at has the bears build. thanks!
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At some point a build is more then likely to include exploding dogs or bears in terms of efficiency they just cant be beat. But that doesn't mean that a build HAS to rely on just bears ( see mine as an example).
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Aye, I haven't used Bears for a while.

edit: Realised posting here may look like I'm 'high end'. Herp derp.
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We have no other skill that does more damage at one time, that can pierce, and that hits multiple targets. All bear builds are different. There are multiple ways to use them, and multiple skills to support them.
If that isn't good enough for you then use bats, or WoS as your main damage spell.

But saying you don't want to use a spell (Spirit Walk? Soul Harvest?) because you don't want to appear to be like other Witch Doctors is counter-productive.

You could use a zero dog build. That's the other best high damage build we have. But I guess then you would be like all the other zero dogs...

Edit - I see you are a new Level 60 WD. So you can ignore want I said and play any way you want. You can pretty much play any build and be somewhat successful up to MP3 or 4. I suggest you try a lot of different builds and don't worry about what the best WDs are doing. If you get to MP5 or 6 solo then you can start worrying what the best build is.

Builds can be found in Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides
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Dogs yo, i destroy MP 10
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nope, they need to buff other skills.
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Look forward to revamp of bats to be useful, but in the meantime it has to be WoS / Bears for me. AC for procs of course.
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