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I'm trying to play from Afghanistan right now so I'm a little Laggy which leads to some deaths lol. I'm playing on inferno mp0 and still dying 3-4 times per act. My DPS is average from what I've seen but I think my skills are no longer as good as I need. After playing from act 2-4 and not finding a legendary or set item I decided to try mp5. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Magic find isn't the way to do it.
Some things right off the bat...

Your damage says 192k? But I see 20% critical hit total, that includes using your archery passive.
That means your actual DPS is about 1/5 of the 192k... Not even 40k or so. Maybe 50-60k tops then.

As you paragon and grind the magic find will come on it's own. You just need to concentrate on damage, mostly critical chance, ESPECIALLY if you are running calamity.

Sharpshooter is a no go, calamity WITH sharp shooter? Double no go.
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Ya this is the gear I had a before paragon..as I get more levels I'll focus on replacing items. So the only thing I should change skill wise is sharpshooter?
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I would drop sharpshooter and hot pursuit and throw in gloom instead of spike traps
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Yah I would trade out SS for Perfectionist, and possibly change your ST rune to Echoing Blast. Best rune by far for spike trap. Also if you don't mind losing the movement speed switch out Hot Pursuit for Vengence if you farm on low MP. I would say nightstalker, but you would need a LOT more CC for it to be effective.
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03/17/2013 04:50 PMPosted by Oromis
throw in gloom instead of spike traps

This is a possibility as well.
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OK after playing on MP3 for a few hours i decided to change up some skills and gear.. anything else you guys see that i need to change?
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Try rolling more bracers till you get 6CC and vitality or all resist.
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This is what I would do.

*Craft amulets until you get 9+CC and 50+CD along with other affixes that are beneficial to you

*Swap Depth Diggers for a good set of Inna's pants... or swap bracers for Lacuni, I personally dont feel less than 24% run speed is an option for any class. The inna's pants will offer the most dps for gold spent. If you get inna's pants get the 2 piece monk set bonus from a good inna's chest.

*get a CC ring with other goodies attached to it

*Craft shoulder or buy shoulders with more vitality but dont lose any of that dex or much of that resist all. I would suggest pick up radius as well.

*Save up for a good witching hour for belt slot.

Basically drop a ton of that MF for more vitality and more CC

I feel a good place to shoot for at first is 40k hp 450 AR and 50%CC with 400+CD. This is without perfectionist.

Once you hit 50% CC Night Stalker really comes into its own, and you can start to perma gloom higher MP or run a face roll strafe build on lower MP. This will allow you to drop preparation for bat or whatever else you like.
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Thanks for the advice. I have 145mill to upgrade with but nothing on the ah is going for that cheap. I think I'll have to keep grinding and hope to find something to sell or use.
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