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Why no random endless dungeon in dev notes?

Having a random endless dungeon has been on many players lists of top needs for D3, why has this not been addressed by the dev team?

Itemization is terrible, but having a random play environment would add so much to this game for me. I love this game, warts and all, but would really like this feature.

The way I see it is a progressively hard dungeon that allows you to delve deeper into the levels and the creatures become increasingly difficult, not just HP wise as MP basically does, but some real damage scaling. Obviously some form of increasing returns, not so much in items but in commodities, like higher level gems begin dropping as you make it deeper, gold stacks climb, items should fall based on you MF as they due in regular adventuring. Provides a reward but nothing gamebreaking. The you would be able to have depth challenges with prizes and community events based on the dungeon options.

Could you imaging crushing through the content, only to find a another player beat you there. Be kind like a ladder, can set time limits, set types of enemies faced, and let it happen,

Oh weel, just thinking out loud
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I like this idea. Sort of a hardcore-light (oxymoronodon!). You have to start at the beginning when you die, but you don't lose your char or gear. You could make it so that you only lose the gear that you find in there when you die, and you can take a waypoint out at any time and keep your gear, or risk going further and potentially lose everything. Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon, Diablo style!
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Just because they haven't talked openly with the community yet doesn't mean it hasn't been discussed in meetings at Blizzard. Something like this might very well be in the works already, but likely won't hear anything about it until it's much closer to completion, if it sees the light of day at all.
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I'm not expecting any meaningful content additions until the expansion. And, even then, it will be a new class, a new act, and new legendaries with maybe the mystic added in that was removed prior to launch.

That's not including the, supposidly, in-depth PVP for 1.1 before then - and I'm not expecting that any time soon - maybe in a year - maybe.
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I am assuming it's because D3 doesn't actually have any "random" dungeons in it lol. None of the maps are actually randomly generated. They are more randomly chosen from a list of premade maps and then randomly populated with chests, shrines and monsters. Thus they cannot endlessly randomize a dungeon because there is no engine built into the game to do so.
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03/09/2013 09:46 AMPosted by Linflas
Having a random endless dungeon has been on many players lists of top needs for D3, why has this not been addressed by the dev team?

Pretty much 2 possible theories on this one:

1) Blizzard doesn't feel an endless dungeon belongs in their game for whatever reasons.

2) The idea is in the planning stages. Possibly to be released with the expansion pack or a patch that a ways out (like 1.1). Releasing information on things like that would be premature (just look at how well it worked with PvP if you need reasons why).
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