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I want to play a wd, quick question

Hey guys, I am bored playing my barbarian and want to make a WD as they look really unique and fun.
My question is, how much gold would it currently take to buy gear for a good WD? Like how much to have good resistances, hp and 100k dps unbuffed? How much for 200k dps unbuffed?
Are they the most expensive class to gear? I would like to handle MP 8 +
Also, besides a few obvious items, can you pretty much swap gear between a Wizard and WD?

Thanks guys.
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Im not too sure the cost but one thing to take into consideration is not to stack too much attack speed it can really hurt you due to consuming mana too fast and then your stuck doing no DPS. Sorry i dont have more info on the overall price and i dont think you would be able to switch gear between wiz and wd due to that you want attack speed for wiz and not so much for wd. make sure to look into what build you will want to play because there are some good skill specific bonuses on items like zombie charger mana cost reduction, also i would highly advise a full zuni set, get the chest, boots ring and either helm or the off-hand and i would also get witching hour. all the other items get what would provide the most DPS/EHP (of course lol) and try to leave out attack speed, i would suggest trying to get average damage rolls on rings and ammy instead of attack speed, as the an alternative trifecta. Also i would try to get mana regen on at least on of your pieces i would suggest offhand because its hard to find a high dps weapon with mana regen LS os and crit damage. I do think WD are expensive though.
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