Diablo® III

because there are 5 classes...

we're going to continue to focus on making Diablo III an awesome PC game

got an eta on that?
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as opposed to hired mud slingers? I don't think you understand the point of a community manager.

I know you don't.That much is obvious.

clearly. CMs are obviously not hired to act as PR and answer questions on forums.
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03/29/2013 10:41 AMPosted by kukabuka

And probably out of context, too! ;)

Pretty hard to take that out of context.

console players will find a way.
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Hell yeah 5 monks mwahahahaha
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Because more than 4 players wouldn't work for consoles, sad but true.
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I just watched some D3 console videos for the first time and I gotta say; of course with all due respect that the inventory and all the menus are just plain awful.


I mean, to each his own. But I would never switch to that version.

You guys can do whatever you want with it, just don't forget the PC version :)
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It still saddens me to see that <Some Other Forum User> has to dictate what is fun to ME. How do you know what is fun for ME, or other players?

Same logic can be said to you

Fans want:
At least 5 players per game to fit with the 5 classes.
More multiplayer bonus rewards.

Eh, when I venture into a public game, even when there's 4 people in sometimes the screen is just a mess I can't make sense of what is going on at all. Sorry, but I agree with Blizz here... with all the spell effects in the game, adding another player is just going to make it even worse. They also made good points about monster health and such, in my opinion. Do you really care that you have one of each class in the game? For the most part I ignore the classes I'm playing with, unless there's another monk.

Multiplayer rewards, though, does make some sense. I play with my brother a lot, and whenever we get together we're lose the MF from our minions, so we're playing at a disadvantage (although we do have two people looking for loot instead of one, but that's because we're teaming together, not the case in a public game)

I am definitely with you on this one. Hell, if there is a monk or wizard in the group forget about seeing arcane beams or explosions before they are too late. Combine that with other classes constantly spamming AE and you may as well walk in with 10k hp. D3 is also meant for various computer builds and some do not handle 4 player co-op so well let alone more than 4.

From what I understand she didn't say anything about 4 player co-op being more fun than 4+. She stated the reasons they are against implementing it in the future.

With that said I also want to thank the Blues for their input over the last month. You have been more open with the community and overall helpful than you ever have been in the past. So thank you for that.
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03/29/2013 10:24 AMPosted by Lylirra
we're going to continue to focus on making Diablo III an awesome PC game

There's plenty of work to be done then. Perhaps start from scratch and maybe it'll turn out to be this awesome PC game you're referring to?
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Well if you're listening, we want 8 players.
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3 players in my opinion is already too much.

on the staggered development as Lylirra mentioned- I wonder if certain features ( for example: achievements) can be different as well. It would definitely give a feeling that I'm playing diablo3 on a different platform.
Also it would give me the urge to actully farm for those achievements.
example: if i was to kill x number of pots in act1 on pc to get an achievement, maybe that achievement would be replaced with : squish x number of spiders in act1 on ps3. =D

happy hunting in-game!
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Community Manager
03/29/2013 09:19 AMPosted by Zombie
Imagine you have 6 friends and they all wanna play in party with you, and you can only play with 5 of them :(

It doesn't stop there. Why not 9 instead of 8? Why not 10 instead of 9? There comes a point where designers need to make a call on that sort of thing, and it's usually not an easy one to make. You have to weigh what different players say they want along with what's best for the health of the game you've designed. Sometimes they mesh and it's awesome! Sometimes they don't, and it's frustrating, because you want what's best for your game to also make everyone happy. It's nearly impossible to please everyone all the time, though, so it's a matter of weighing the drawbacks of a system and choosing the approach that is the best overall with the least downsides.

Also, we're not saying 4 player co-op is more fun than having 5 players or 8 players. We're not saying it's less fun, either. We're saying that it's what we believe works best for Diablo III right now. That's due to a number of factors including screen noise, buff management and scaling, player contribution, and making sure certain group compositions didn't feel mandatory. We very carefully deliberated party size during development, and we continue to deliberate party size even now.

03/29/2013 12:46 PMPosted by PartyAnimal
The community managers are nothing but hired PR/spin doctors.

Hired cyborgs.
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03/29/2013 10:34 AMPosted by Lylirra
oooo this is gonna get quoted to death methinks

And probably out of context, too! ;)

Here, let me get the ball rolling.

Back with an answer for you!

Our plan is to continue using staggered development, which means the PC version ... sucks. ... Console ... is the lead platform. And to be clear, ... the console version ... should .. impact the development of content for the PC version.

Burn her at the stake!
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Community Manager
03/29/2013 10:51 AMPosted by Diablo2PVPER
What motivation do I have to purchase D3 on consul when I already have it for PC?

That's something you'll really need to figure out on your own. :) Maybe you prefer console games over PC games. Maybe you'd love to sit back and destroy some phase beasts from the comfort of your couch. Or maybe the idea of playing with 3 of your friends on the same screen is super exciting to you.

Our goal with developing a console version of Diablo III is really about opening up the game to an audience of players who haven't experienced it. If PC gamers who already own Diablo III want to give it shot because they think it looks fun, that's awesome! But if not, that's totally understandable too.
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Seems like more new blizzard knows best and old blizzard was wrong nonsense to me.
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Community Manager
03/29/2013 02:46 PMPosted by silverfire
Here, let me get the ball rolling.

*slow clap*
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It's nearly impossible to please everyone all the time, though, so it's a matter of weighing the drawbacks of a system and choosing the approach that is the best overall with the least downsides.

It's is possible to please everyone, simply give host an option to set number of players he wants in his game 1-8, everyone will be happy, like chaos and have nasa computer ?! Set 8, have wooden pc and can't see things on the screen ?! set 2/3. One more time old good system from d2 is the best and fits d3 too but You are trying to give us silly excuses.

Next step will be custom game browser so players could join games with defined number of players they want.

No matter what you gonna do, no matter what you gona say, possibility is always the best option.
Even if its just an ilusion of a choice like stat alocation. Please make your game flexible.

This game is linear, in every way, you are trying to tell my what i should do in every corner and what is worse, You are forcing me to do this, not giving me an option to do otherwise.

I don't want to feel like a brainless zombie that have to go forward.
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03/29/2013 02:14 PMPosted by Rowan
Well if you're listening, we want 8 players.

SimCity 5 had to limit the city size, because of the online only mode, the servers could only handle so much information, their are always post on the main forum about WW Barbs/TR Monks disconnecting, because of the speed they're moving, perhaps online only mode really limits the number of players (amount of data), before the game begins to suffer from lag/latency/disconnects?
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03/29/2013 02:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
What motivation do I have to purchase D3 on consul when I already have it for PC?

What motivation do you need to give blizzard more money?

Well, maybe it's less motivating when the products are extremely underwhelming in quality (to put it nicely).
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