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because there are 5 classes...

03/29/2013 02:46 PMPosted by silverfire

And probably out of context, too! ;)

Here, let me get the ball rolling.

Back with an answer for you!

Our plan is to continue using staggered development, which means the PC version ... sucks. ... Console ... is the lead platform. And to be clear, ... the console version ... should .. impact the development of content for the PC version.

Burn her at the stake!

LMAO! Nicely done! In truth, I think a party of four feels right. First off, Party of Five was some silly show on Fox, and I won't have that nonsense in my Diablo, thank you very much!

Second, the response about each player feeling significant is spot-on. When I played WoW, the best times I ever had were in smaller instances with 5 people, as opposed to the raids of 10-25. Each person had to carry their weight, and you were able to perceive how each player's skill influenced the outcome. With 25 people, your own slashing and spell-casting just felt like you were slinging numbers at some wall, and eventually it would crumble. The sense of satisfaction was considerably diminished for me, and the intimacy was entirely lost.

Don't misunderstand, with a tightly-knit guild, a raid could still be satisfying, but nowhere near the degree of a small group of friends, and a dungeon where you could actually kill a mob yourself instead of waiting 10 minutes for it to fall and wondering if your floating numbers made any noteworthy contribution.
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Server load I think. Laggy now, add more heros on screen!
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Why not 8 players?????? D2 had 8 players and the multiplayer was clearly better.
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because itemization(this is one thing but major one) will become amazing sometime soon
then build diversity should explode, not implode :D
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I just hope PC version does not get screwed because is limited to console version.
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03/29/2013 02:51 PMPosted by Lylirra
*slow clap*
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03/29/2013 02:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
Maybe you prefer console games over PC games. Maybe you'd love to sit back and destroy some phase beasts from the comfort of your couch

I respect this argument very much, but is not like playing PC games nowadays is not comfortable. I simply connect my PC to a 63" TV. And with a wireless keyboard and mouse I sit back and destroy some phase beasts from the comfort of my couch.

Let's hope the PC version gets some love from the company now that the console version will come.

And yup, I understand there will be diff teams for the 2 diff versions :)
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03/29/2013 02:51 PMPosted by Lylirra
Here, let me get the ball rolling.

*slow clap*

Wow, Now your just asking for people to take advantage of this.

Just another thing to add to the list of things that blizz is slow at...clapping.


For realz when are the next Dev answers going to be posted?
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i dont think adding a feature where someone gets to add how many players can join their game will hurt anyone or anything

if it is too clutttered or all that jazz, people will just tone the max players per game lower while others will enjoy it even if it is or not cluttered based on their opinion
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03/28/2013 12:20 PMPosted by Lylirra
In summation, we’re pretty happy about the size of four-player groups.

I suppose since MOST console games have a max of 4 player co-op, you needed to fit in. Since going to console has been your plan all along, not getting DLC, fixing the game or anything DECENT to the game...You felt the need to streamline it to console controls.

6 skills max? O, X, Square, Triangle, L1, R1. Done
4 players max? 4 controllers per system. Done.

Somehow...we all saw it coming, but did nothing to stop it. Good thing I wont be buying this trash on a bluray disc, nor will I be buying any expansions.....I'm sorry, Diablo 3 is a console game. I think they call it DLC.

03/28/2013 05:34 PMPosted by Lylirra
(Quick FYI: the console version didn't actually go into full development until the game was released last May.)

We all know thats a damn lie....
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What motivation do I have to purchase D3 on consul when I already have it for PC?

That's something you'll really need to figure out on your own. :) Maybe you prefer console games over PC games. Maybe you'd love to sit back and destroy some phase beasts from the comfort of your couch. Or maybe the idea of playing with 3 of your friends on the same screen is super exciting to you.

Our goal with developing a console version of Diablo III is really about opening up the game to an audience of players who haven't experienced it. If PC gamers who already own Diablo III want to give it shot because they think it looks fun, that's awesome! But if not, that's totally understandable too.

can't they play the PC game on a couch and a 4k screen/projector (google glass? oculus rift?) hardly see why mouse+keyboard doesn't mean you can't play the pc version.. its just a matter of configuration and hardly a "buy diablo 3 console version get free couch" thing.

in otherwords, there isn't any compelling reason to buy 2 copies of the game (and I don't think there should be)

see, if they had 5 party slots because there were 5 classes, they would be compelled to add 2 more slots when 2 more expansion classes are released

I simply agree with variable slots. choose 2-8 slots. join a pub game with 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 player limit,

but i don't think the game can handle more than 4. have you seen 3 cm wizarads or 4 cm wizards in a pub game. practically see so many red bar.

or 1 meteor shower wizard with infinite spam is enough to red bar when there are 40 mobs on screen.

or cm wizard using frozen mist instead of cold snap/bonechill..

and maybe the game should add "ignore other player's visual effects/screenshake" for non mandatory skills (eg: you would see slowtime, but you would ignore everything else from a wizard)
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03/29/2013 03:02 PMPosted by Variable
What motivation do I have to purchase D3 on consul when I already have it for PC?

What motivation do you need to give blizzard more money?

Well, maybe it's less motivating when the products are extremely underwhelming in quality (to put it nicely).

Geez, I find that many of the forum commentators are unbeleivably rude and unfair in their comments. It is difficult to have a conversation in this forum without disgruntled players making insulting comments.

Honestly, if you dislike this game so much, can I invite you to spend your time on things other than D3? and acting like a troll in the D3 forums? Move on with your life and let the rest of us have conversations that we are interested in -such as the issue of whether console play might offer something different than PC play.
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Geez, I find that many of the forum commentators are unbeleivably rude and unfair in their comments. It is difficult to have a conversation in this forum without disgruntled players making insulting comments.

How was I rude or unfair or insulting? Just because you disagree...

Nevermind, you earned the $5.
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[quote="85172053685"]Also, we're not saying 4 player co-op is more fun than having 5 players or 8 players. We're not saying it's less fun, either. We're saying that it's what we believe works best for Diablo III right now. That's due to a number of factors including screen noise, buff management and scaling, player contribution, and making sure certain group compositions didn't feel mandatory. We very carefully deliberated party size during development, and we continue to deliberate party size even now..

8 players is more fun than 4 players.

Or why can't people create custom games and choose the party size?

If you had to decrease the party size due to screen noise, buff management and scaling, etc., then you guys made terrible mistakes in game design.

We all know that the real and unique reason is that it is easier to port to consoles.
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03/29/2013 04:48 PMPosted by Zalm
We all know thats a damn lie....

It's gotta be nice to just to label everything you disagree with as a lie. Keeps things simple, right?
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Hey, you keep linking that IGN interview, but it really doesn't say anything we haven't heard in the press releases. Can you clarify a little about the improved loot? Is the rescaling on console comparable to the rescaling planned for future PC patches? People are going to get really salty about console loot being better, and regardless of my D3 experience I don't think I could handle what these forums would look like if that were the case.
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How else would it be possible to play D3 with a split screen -> PS3 etc.
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