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Stash Space has limited my playtime...

I see no reason why the other 2 stash tabs cannot be put in the game. Blizz said before launch the stash size was reduced because of storage issues with all the people playing. Obviously, there are not nearly as many people playing now as there was a launch, so there should be no issue. I had so many mules on D2 full of stuff I knew I would never use, but there was also many more things you could use then as well like runes, white items, and there was even a use for broken items then to.
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03/20/2013 11:44 AMPosted by TimeSpike
I hate loggin in just to sell thing in the AH and log out. I want to play the game not the AH. :(

Agreed. We need an in-game AH that's accessible when in towns or safe areas.
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This is Diablo 3 a game about hunting loot. In a game about hunting loot i would like space to store said loot. Unfortunaly in Diablo 3 our stash space is VERY limited and I would like to see an increase in stash size.

Currently I am no longer playing the game...Not because the game isnt fun or balanced, but because i cant store anymore loot.

My stash is full, my AH is full, i have made mules and moving things around at this point is tiresome. I have to make hard decisions on rather i should vendor decent items or not play the game. Its become easier for me to just not play the game. Dont get me wrong i love the item hunt and i could hunt forever but i dont have the stash space to do this.

Some points i hear defending our stash is that it is "bigger" than the stash in Diablo 2. Well that may be trueish but not fully. In D2 we did not have a shared stash and each Hero you made had their own stash. You could make as many accounts as you wanted and as many heroes as you wanted so really in D2 your stash space was infinity. In Diablo 3 our shared stash Is the only stash ALL our Heroes can use.

One thing i think would be nice is if each character had their own NON-SHARED stash as well as the shared stash. Here you could keep alternate sets and items for that character only and would not get lost in the shared stash.

I know im going to see people here post "dont hoard items". Well all the items in my stash could sell in the AH for a few 100k at least. I know thats not a lot but its more than i would get at the vendor and it would feel like a waist to just vendor these items.

If i could post more stuff in the AH that could be one way to get rid of all my junk but 10 at a time is too slow for the masses i have accumulated in my stash.

First of all you must be really lucky in finding that much gear. Where you have hundreds of gear pieces are that valuable to the players. I would say that it is more likely you are doing something wrong when posting on the gold auction house. Maybe you are not using the buyout price. If you did that maybe you would get more of your gear would sell free up more space.

You have to be really lucky to find that kind of gear. That is unless you are trying to sell gear that is not really 100k gold. If you are way overpricing your gear then you will definitely not get any hits at all.

To the rest that agree with him on infinite storage in D2 with mules and infinite accounts. Did you know you could get infinite storage space for both your characters and an infinite storage space using plug Y for D2. Although plug Y does not work with the latest patch IIRC.
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Sincerely, I play hardcore where I HAVE to keep a leveling set of gear all the time so when I die I don't start from scratch.

Normally I keep a full leveling set for my main, monk, for 2 level brackets; around 20ish and around 40ish.
Besides that, I keep powerful items that could prove useful for other chars I'm slowly leveling as well; wizard, barbar.
Also keep some key items like Cain's Set, some -Level Req weapons and alike.

Not only that, but I also keep my gems, crafting mats and AH sellable stuff and items on my stash, along with some legendaries I like to keep that won't sell or be useful.

With all that, I still have plenty of space in my stash, using only 1 mule so It really seems like you're keeping A LOOOOT of garbage.

it's ok if you want to keep garbage, but you shouldn't complain about space when for the "normal" use it's more then plenty
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Would be nice if you could have another outlet to get rid of items and make gold besides the AH. Would help people in my situation that have no more room in their stash and have too many items for the 10 AH slots.

Say if the item has main stat, vit, AR and Crit it would sell for 50k-100k to the venor instead of just 1k. Would be a nice way for legit players to gain gold without having to play the AH.
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OP im in the same boat you are. I am trying to collect every legendary item in the game. Doing so, leaves a grand total of 2x1 space free, with a full stash available to use. The GUI is setup for 6 tabs already.

I am betting that come the expansion they are going to "jay wilson" our stash and double it as a feature.

Originally Bliz cited space requirements on there end for the size of the stash.

Yet i and some others have done the math on it, worldwide, 50TB split between realms, is sufficient to double the stash size.

1 thing to consider why we are stupidly limited is, when the game was nearing final development, the Thailand hard drive shortages were still in effect. This has ended now and ended a while ago.

(link to thread on math of the storage space > http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8197742911 )
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