Hi there,

I would like to suggest a few things be added to the game.

1) Teleport

Teleport isn't really teleport, it's more like instant run, one cannot pass through walls, around pillars, or even over a ditch. This isn't teleport. Since the skill is called "teleport" I think it should be just that: teleportation, through walls, over all sorts of obstacles big and small, especially ditches. In PVP even the Witch Doctor can use a skill that will move the character behind (as if passing through) obstacles. Please fix this, it's a total mistake making teleport such a constricted form of movement, getting caught on corners, pillars, even treasure chests, nearly everything making it nearly useless. The cool down makes it very limited already, even with the wormhole rune. Then there is the limited jump distance. It is so limited it's monotonous. Wizards need a little bit of teleportation to balance the PVP disadvantages they face. If it's not going to be a teleport skill call it something like insta-dash or something. Cuz teleport means passing through any obstacle and going any distance instantly.

2) Time Bubble

Time bubble does not slow all that enters it. One of the most offensive violators of this membrane is Heralds Of Pestilence, on the battlefields in Act 3. Now when one is on a cliff-face one can see that time bubble penetrates downwards to create a full sphere encircling the wizard. That means Heralds of Pestilence even though their tentacles pass under ground SHOULD BE SLOWED by the time bubble. But they do not. That is a blatant mistake on the physics of the game. Then there is Mortar shots. I dunno what the bubble is doing but it isn't slowing them down, it seems to bend some towards the wizard making them even more deadly than they already are... Mostly Time Bubble needs to slow all ranged attacks and monsters as well as buffs, except for perhaps meteor.

3) AutoPickup

There should be a way to auto-pickup certain items such as potions, tomes of secrets, gems. Teal items mostly. These items are needed in great number so are a very exacting tedious job to click on the wording that pertains to their name in a myriad of junk splattered across the Diablo 3 floors. If there was a way to simply activate autopickup in gameplay options to choose which teal items you want to autopickup, that would clear allot of frustrating and tedious experience from gameplay. The game shouldn't be frustrating or tedious, it should be fun and pleasurable.

4) Sell All, Salvage All, Identify All Button

Bring Cain back in spirit form or something we need him more than ever. We need an identify all button as well as a sell all button, and a salvage all button. Doing this crap one by one is wearing down our expensive hardware's buttons, making the game tedious and irritating.