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Ideas for New WD Legends

Feel free to add any of your ideas for new WD gear. I feel like most ideas get overlooked in the current threads, and we can focus on WDs here.

Viper's Voodoo Set

Viper's Sting
Legendary Ceremonial Knife

*750-900 Average Damage
*200-300 Intelligence
*80-100% Critical Hit Damage
*2.3-3.0% Life Steal
*1 Open Socket
*8000-12,000 Damage to Melee Attackers
*800-1200 Life Regeneration per Second
*10-14 Mana Regeneration per Second
*Fierce Loyalty gives your pets 200% Thorns and Life Regeneration, and you receive an additional 100%

Viper's Curse

Legendary Voodoo Mask

*200-300 Intelligence
*100-200 Vitality
*200-300 Armor
*70-80 All Resistances
*4.5-6.0% Critical Hit Chance
*1 Open Socket
*15 yards to Pickup Radius
*10-14 Mana Regeneration per Second
*Circle of Life now allows 3 separate Final Gift Zombie Dogs to spawn
*If more than 3 Zombies Dogs are spawned, one will explode dealing 275% of your weapon damage as Physical to all enemies within 12 yards

Viper's Venom
Legendary Mojo

*200-300 Average Damage
*200-300 Intelligence
*100-200 Vitality
*8.5-10% Critical Hit Chance
*5-7% Damage Reduced from Elites
*5-7% Damage Reduced from Ranged Attacks
*5-7% Damage Reduced from Melee Attacks
*10-14 Mana Regeneration per Second
*Jungle Fortitude also increases your Armor, All Resistances, and Life by 10%

Set Bonus
(2) 10,000 Thorns and 15 yards to Pickup Radius
(3) Fierce Loyalty, Circle of Life, and Jungle Fortitude apply to all players within your Pickup Radius
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well thats not op at all ^^
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The Unformed Knife (ethereal model)
650-1100 dps (black damage modifier)
2.2-3% LS
+2 random rolls
2.1-5% to trigger a vanilla Spirit Walk when struck (does not activate your cooldown)

Andariel's Plaything
150-350 avg dmg
+6-7% poison damage
100-200 int (bonus roll to 300)
+8-12% life
+12% movement speed
+1 random roll

The Upturned Jar
95-200 int (bonus to 300)
95-200 vit
5-6 cc
Increased mana regen by 8-14
+1 random roll
25% increased chance for monsters to drop a health globe

and one that would work for any class

Embalming Wraps
150-250 MS roll
+200-400 life on hit
+3 random rolls
2.1-5% to bind target on hit
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Serpent Tongue (think a won kim for WD with an ability)
600-950 dps
+15-20% to poison damage
+3 random rolls
3-10% chance on attack to envenom the enemy, dealing 200% weapon damage over 2 seconds

Hollow Ligament
800-1200 dps
+8-11% IAS
+15-20 mana regen
+2 random rolls
5-10% chance on cast to increase mana regen by 100% for 3 seconds. (yay attack speed WDs!)

Breaking Mad
100-250 avg dmg
+150-200 int
+100-200 vit
+2 random rolls
Grants your wall of zombies a 25% chance to stun on hit

And a couple more for any class

Ring of Broken Bonds
150-200 MS
60-70 AR
20% cc reduction
+3 random rolls
20-30% chance to resist control impairing abilities cast on you

Jungle Stompers
+250-350 MS
2.1-3% LS
+3 random rolls
-12% movement speed
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anything that reduces horrify/spirit walk cooldown
Edited by Pillz#1495 on 3/10/2013 6:51 PM PDT
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Ring set:

100-250 INT
+10 Mana regen
4-8 CC
+3 random rolls

50-100 INT
100-200 VIT
3-6% damage reduction
500-1000 LOH
+3 random rolls

Set Bonus = +10 PUR and +100 max mana
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Nice set rings might be a little op though
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I like some of these ideas, the problem with items and which I think goes wrong a lot is thinking about how they will be used before you create them, by this I mean think about how they would work with different builds and items + affixes.

For instance.

Legendary Armour:

Trang Oul's Teeth (yea I went there)

All Resist 71-80
+ Armour 150-250
Thorns 30% damage (reflected from ALL damage types not just melee)
1 of 3 properties
170-200 Dex
170-200 Str
170-200 Int
+ 100 Vit
1 Random Property

Yea it's great EHP yea it uses reflect, yea it's probably OP especially on a Monk or WD with pets / FL but it's better than the useless thorns we get right now.

Legendary Voodoo Mask

Spirit Fetish:

Chance to summon dart blowing fetish on attack
usually legendary voodoo mask stats.

You get the picture, fetishes do need force armour, also this would promite primary skill usage with fast attack on a WD, you have a helm like this with the armour above with full pet skills and with the gidbinn and using something like Leaping spiders and you're away, that would be a fun build that could cope with MP10.

Just saying.
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03/11/2013 03:13 AMPosted by KingTako
Nice set rings might be a little op though

Yea, maybe a bit. But I want them to be able to compete against the Pox and HF/Pox and SoJ combos that basically everyone uses.
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[quote]*If more than 3 Zombies Dogs are spawned, one will explode dealing 275% of your weapon damage as Physical to all enemies within 12 yards

i like this idea!

might be to uber with circle of life on speed farming builds doh :S
Edited by Ralron#1343 on 3/11/2013 10:24 AM PDT
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Thorns Set - % Damage back will be the damage you took from a single attack.

Bramble Jacket

Armor : 350 - 480
All Resist : 30 - 80
Vit : 100 - 200
0 - 3 Open Sockets
Reflects 2 - 5% damage back.
+2 Random Magic Rolls

Bramble Clasp

Armor : 250 - 400
All Resist : 30 - 80
Vit : 100 - 200
Life % : 5 - 9
Reflects : 1 - 3% damage back.
+1 Random Magic Roll

Bramble Wrap

Armor : 250 - 400
All Resist : 40 - 80
Vit : 100 - 200
Critical Hit Chance : 1 - 3%
Reflects : 1 - 2% damage back.
+1 Random Magic Roll

(2) - All of your Summons receive Damage Back bonus.

(3) - 25% Chance for you and your Summons to return 100% damage back.
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Bat Wings


Armor 594-671

71-80 AR

Bat's now use 40% of your PuR to inc Range and Ratios of all bat spells. i.e. Got 20 PuR Hungery Bats now Deals dmg in an 8 yard range from target. i.e. Got 20 PuR Cloud of Bats now extends 8 more yards. And or randomiz between 30%-50%

+3 random rolls
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Set for primary users

Voodoo Mask

+150-250 Int
+65-80 AR
+5-11% HP

1 0f 4 props:
+ 10-20% Poison Darts damage
+ 10-20% Corpse Spiders damage
+ 10-20% Plague of Toads damage
+ 10-20% Firebomb damage


(50-130)-(70 - 470)

+ 15- 20% damage
+ 150-250 Int
+ 450- 620 LoH
+ 1 of 3 props:
120-300 armour
40-100 Vit
7-14 mana regen

1 of 4 props:
+ 10-20% Poison Darts damage
+ 10-20% Corpse Spiders damage
+ 10-20% Plague of Toads damage
+ 10-20% Firebomb damage

Set Bonus

+20% Attack Speed
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