Diablo® III

Why cant i craft a trifecta? aka the Cry Club

How are brimstones so cheap with all these terribad ammy rolls? I just got 60 for 9378 Ea.

About to roll 100 more ammy and 100 gloves...

edit: i want my 18m back
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257 dex

8% AS

41% chd

10% cc

12th craft, yes hate me mwahah
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I've rolled 553 and there are 5 i have kept, no trifectas.... yet... there will be a quadfecta eventually... =)
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cry cry, 3million gold, only 1 worth while, [see ammy on barb]
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I did quite well with ammy and gloves, but still no luck with shoulders (see all 3 items on my barb).
Crafted 150 ammy, 90 gloves, and 170 shoulders so far........

Can I join the cry club?
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Took me ~260 tries to get the one I got. Not perfect 'cause of the gold find and a tad low CC, but overall I was excited when I crafted it.
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Okay so 400 ammies 4 Difectas.

You're 100% sure about that?
Seems... very unlikely...
Trifectas are obviously rare, but difectas, you should get one every 10-20 ammy or so...
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I have been lucky with the crafting so far. Got 3 upgrades with only 200 crafts. I also have a higher dps amulet crafted but couldn't use it due to no vits.
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I have had zero luck crafting, but I did get my gloves for 1mil and amulet for 3mil on the AH the day after 1.0.7 came out with all the crafting changes, and nobody was monitoring the markets at all. :D
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31 rolls day 1, my wiz ammy is pretty good

check it out
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31 rolls day 1, my wiz ammy is pretty good

check it out

Holy cowss, your is perfect. Probably never had to roll amy again. Mine is somewhat almost similar.
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i want
Amulet 30-60 dam,9% AS,9.5% cc,95% cd,150 vit,300 INT
Bracers 300 INT, 120 VIT,6cc,70 AR, 200 armor
Glove 300 INT, 120 Vit, 45% cd, 9.5%cc, 9AS, 70 AR
Shoulder 300 INT , 150 VIT AR 70, Armor 200

LOL LOL LOL, i think you are too
How many player can craft ? So should stop when you think It is OK
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keep grinding. I can't complain. 400 crafts: ammy/gloves/shoulders are my winners (DH)
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03/15/2013 11:25 AMPosted by novice
Just buy something from AH as placeholder until you craft a right one lol I did that too, bought bracers 6M sold 100M when I crafted usable Bracers. Pure profits.

This, preeettty sure my bracers are worth more than the 9M i spent on getting them. Easily 20-30M flip when I hit a good bracer craft. 100M though that's a serious deal!
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on my 20th ammy craft I rolled a tri was like 5ias 98cd 5.5cc

now i use a crafted di, if only my tri rolled higher ias and cc =\

ive been concentrating on glove crafting, made about 400 pairs, no tri gloves, and no really good di with AR... i hate the blacksmith >.>

shoulders are my prized craft so far
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ive made a ton of amulets. ive had more luck with shoulders and bracers lol
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Spent about 5 mil total for my gloves and ammy (on my wiz). Have not been able to craft any since tho.
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Bind to account items in a loot finding game are a very bad idea especially as the idea comes straight from WOW where a lot of rare gear was made redundant with the BOA's.If more slots are taken by these crafted items then what's the point in farming?
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My ammy is the best I've seen in about 100 crafts. Not great, but lucky to get it with that many. My gloves I got in TWO crafts. I was pretty happy.
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