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Need guidance/tips about my Wiz / Gear

Im looking for tips on anything, and as to why you think I should change on any of those. Be it my build, or my gear, what MP to play on, avoid this, start doing this first, etc etc.

Im currently playing mp01 Inferno, and its going good, quick but just a TAD squishy. im at 120k~ DPS.

I only have about 4million gold left, and just got on act1 inferno.

Please no insulting me. Im here to make myself stronger; however, I also want to stay a bit diverse.
Thank you for your time and information.
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The Chan set and crow make it look like you were a CM wiz at some point. If you want to be a CM wiz, get some more LoH, IAS, and CC. If you don't want to go that route, lose the Will and crow.
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Im not entirely sure what i used to be? lol. CM wiz is that a crit mass wiz? I have yet to learn all the lingo here in D3 just yet. ;/ I know what LoH and IAS and CC is though. : D I've just bought/equipped/chose things i liked and were strong. :D
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Well don't despair yet.

It makes sense to have the Chantodo set for the bonuses.

Even if you're not playing CM/WW.

You might be playing meteor? You don't need a Chantodo set for that, just APOC gear and meteor cost reduction probably. If you are keeping your set for APOC along with your Stormcrow, I think you should take a look at the build compendium sticked on top of the forum and pick a build or builds, then see about gear requirements and any crossovers you have.

Your question about builds and gear is just so very broad. Nobody can tell you what build to play. You just have to go with what you find fun and entertaining.
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You can use the gear on my wiz as a guideline if it helps you. I bought my wiz set for 10m gold just after dinging 60. it's only 86k unbuffed dps, but I have 2.83 attacks per second which using a cm build allows me to "perm freeze" mobs with some stutter and 50 crit chance. If you are going cm/ww gear for utility first like i did and then buy pieces to up your dps.

Worth stating that even with low dos CM is very strong utility wise. I was able to farm A3 mp9 with a monk and barb earlier with also 0 difficulty. I recommend trying it out to see if you enjoy the play style. Check out a few vids on youtube and if it looks interesting find a cheap gear set and have at it. plenty of videos showing you how to gear to make it viable. You also already have the Chantodo's and Storm Crow which are needed.

Basically, you want:
2.71 attacks per second minimum
A Chantodo's Will with 1.71 attacks per second minimum.
Attackspeed on pretty much every piece of gear that can roll it.
10 APOC on Chantodo's Force and also on Storm Crow.
Roughly 50% Crit Chance. (45 is prob. the minimum)

**again the above cost me just over 10m although you can do it for much less, your mileage will vary.

Everything else you buy as you can afford it. but it takes those stats to make cm/ww work.
The goal is to spam Frost Nova, Diamond Skin, and Explosive Blast as fast as possible. (I think its a few times per sec max? Still new myself) This allows you to put out high damage, heal yourself for a ton with LoH, Keep monster's frozen indefinitely, and spam your Diamond Skin to abosorb as much damage as humanly possible. You basically become untouchable at high gear levels.
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Thanks for all the feedback guys. There is a lot of information in here that I can use to my advantage. Keep it coming though!

See my main issue is I been going at the game like it is just a game. I chose what powers looked fun to use and have become my favorite. I am now starting to tie in their special perks to each other and understand what it is they do exactly. I also watched/joined in on chats when people discussed wizard items. That is how I collected most my equipment; sorta been pieced together.

My main WANT is, if possible, I do not wish to change my power build. Therefore I need gear that helps me best utilize that setup. Unless all of you truly do recommend not using the build I have due to too many weaknesses?

In addition any tips on what i should do next in the game itself? Like after beating inferno, what's next? I know farming, but what, where, why? Perhaps when? I do know i want the hell fire ring, so what is the best way to go about that? Just free ball it solo? or Best to grab a team of~

Again Thanks for all the great information above.
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Bump for info : D
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No more suggestions? ;/
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