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Finally decided with Archon, now what to imp

Posted on the EU forums as well since that's where I am located but thought I might get some tips here aswell :)

I got a fairly small budget so at this point the ingame stats are if I remember correctly.

38k HP
40% CC
338% CHD
400-500 all res

That's what I can remeber. Got that axe last night, replaced my Echo fury that didnt have a socket or CHD to it. Lost 4k dmg but gained alot of CHD so I think it might be worth it anyway.

I know my Mempo don't have crit and that needs an upgrade but at the moment I have a really small budget of around 5 mil =/

Should I just keep farming MP0 for gold and hopefully a good legendary (only brimstones so far) or can any of my gear be upgraded for a cheap price?

I know I have asked before but I have done some upgrades since then and hope I am not being annoying or anything :)

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Forgot to mention that my damage is around 97k unbuffed and 125-130k buffed.
Tried MP1 last night but it took to long to kill the mobs
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better post your profile link
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I'd say left ring. You don't need cd or vit after you upgraded your weapon and for 5M you should get a ring which would boost your dps (cc/int/dmg).
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Profile there, alright left ring, will check that out!
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i dont think you should have any difficulty running MP1. If you find yourself killing at a decent speed, but dying a lot, you can change to energy armor-pinpoint, it will improve your armor, and increase your dps.

do you have a lot of down time for archon? is spectral blade the one you use during that time? people have suggested live lightening is better at proc cm to speed up archon reset.

I would also change galvanizing wind to cold blooded, and use frost nova or blizzard on the right click.
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Problem on MP1 was not that I was dying (except on reflect mobs) but that it took way to long to kill elites and champs so archon fell off all the time.

Ye I use spectral when archon is off since I can kill fast with it and just keep killing while archon builds up. Tried Living Lightning aswell but the dmg output felt to low, although the archon cd reset faster it just didnt feel right to me :)

Might try changing to energy and pinpoint tho! Scramble doesnt really give me alot of boost since I rarely get hit anyway :)
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its best to go for mp0 ~mp1 with that dps, your main priority is to get your paragon level's up, so mp0 being the fastest, mp1 a little bit slower but adds a bit of MF. At around lvl 50 paragon you'd see legendaries to drop more frequently. Archon had great advantage over lower mp's for it sweeps everything on its path
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Aight ill just keep leveling then. Picking up amulets and rings and ofc legs on my way but skipping the rest :)
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03/19/2013 04:34 AMPosted by yems
At around lvl 50 paragon you'd see legendaries to drop more frequently.

is it due to the increase MF bonus with P lvl? If so, what is a MF % related to more frequent legendary drop?
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