Diablo® III

How to buy gold for actual market value (cur: $0.06/m)

Buy a Radiant Star Emerald from RMAH for ~$1.4. Sell on Gold AH for ~26m. Net ~22.1m = $0.063/m

Prices tick up slightly turning prime time, but this technique should work fine until Blizz finally decides to lower the $0.25 min per million.
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Or until RMAH gem prices go up...which they did.
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or until they start banning botards daily, not annually
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03/19/2013 08:19 PMPosted by sno
Or until RMAH gem prices go up...which they did.

True. They had been on a linear downward slope all of march until yesterday. Guess it only takes a few people to "cash in" to shift the market these days. Still, at $2/gem still gets under $0.10/m. I'd still suspect a few days of $0.01/m if they ever lowered the min on gold.
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nice one grave..hahah
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Yeah was a nice ride while it lasted, took you retards almost 10 months to figure out gem arbitrage.
$6 to $1.50 in 3 weeks.

Cypriats and KGB are prolly hiding their money in D3 gold and bitcoin, I have no idea why else the price would be going up.
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Pretty sure anyone who has wanted gold for the last couple weeks has been doing this since popular streamers brought it to peoples attention

$2.60 for 10,000,000g or $2.44 for 1 gem which sells for ~22,100,000g
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>_> @ watching streamers. That concept just seems completely dumb to me. I could see watching a stream of a competition like MLG, but to watch someone else farm? Really?
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03/20/2013 11:45 AMPosted by Davlok
but to watch someone else farm? Really?

It is more a social gathering of like minded people than watching the discovery channel, the barbarian out in the wild farming demons type thing.
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