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Upcoming Hotfix to Arcane Power on Crit

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So we read recently that you guys are planning to apply some buffs to some of the channeled skills we have. Arcane Torrent and some of the Disintegrate runes are the ones. But we haven't heard anything yet about what you guys are going to do to address the AP consumption issue with channeled spells when you start to add IAS to your gear. You mentioned in one of the Q&A sessions that this was something you wanted to do, and I was wondering if we'll see anything with this upcoming patch (1.08) in regards to this.

Some possible solutions:

- Astral Presence. Add "You also gain 10 Arcane Power on Crit when using a 2-handed weapon". This simple change would pretty much fix the problems with channeled spells for 2-handed weapon users since their only source of APoC right now is a possible 10 from helm, which isn't enough for Ray of Frost users who want to add IAS to their gear for more dps (like me).

- Power Hungry. Add "Also increases the chance for a Health Globe to drop by X%". Not sure what value to use for X here, but this would really, really help, especially with the mob density changes when playing on MP10 where Health Globes are still rather rare despite the larger number of mobs in patch 1.08.

- Magic Weapon: Conduit. Change this to 5 Arcane Power on Crit and you have a rune people might actually want to use. A chance to gain 1 AP when attacking only really shines with Wicked Wind, but then that build doesn't have AP issues and thus wouldn't use this rune.

- Familiar: Arcanot. Bump up the AP regen to 5 or so while also making the projectile it shoots do more damage. Or to make it scale with APS, have Arcanot be "Whenever you deal damage with Familiar you gain 5 AP". So the faster you're attacking, the faster it's shooting, the more AP you're gaining back. Or you can just have Arcanot reduce the AP cost of spells by a certain percentage which would achieve a similar effect.

- Normalize AP consumption. Similar to what was done with Whirlwind I believe, where the channeled spell would always consume a set amount of AP no matter your APS. Some costs might need to be adjusted up or down to balance this, though.
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Can we unsticky this? It's from a patch 3 months ago...
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