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Tank Docta coming back

Hi there,

I was playing my main waaay back when D3 released as a tank docta (fire dogs + big stinker + loads to stun/cc gear and fierce loyalty) but when I came back my dogs/gargantuan aren't stunning nearly what I remember, has this been nerfed?

What is a go to leveling spec, I'm currently 56 in Hell ACT II.

Also holy crap the AH got expensive >.< I remember buying items for 4-5k gold. I barely have like 190k.
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yea big stinker proc rate was nerfed to poo. And as for the AH, its actually gotten more reasonable to get mid ranged things then it was way back when so take comfort in that at least.
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It still works very well if you use acid cloud along with burning dogs. I havent tried the garg though :P
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yeah im pretty sure big stinkers proc rate is 0 now
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The gaug can not Proc at all anymore it was the trade off for the huge damage bonus he got, the dogs rabid bite procs better than fire dogs which is pants still, RoT still procs well as does AC.

Most people moved away from the CC builds as the pets got buffed and could actually tank for us.
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Most people moved away from the CC builds

Not quite. Proctor is a solid aspect to a WD build. Won't find many going pure tank/proc, but there's plenty of us using Freeze/Blind/Stun as part of our everyday builds. OP, if you want a heads up on how Proctors can run these days, hit us up if you're a one-hander. If you're a two-hander, hit up skywalkerfx. Very viable build, but you do have to focus more on solid dps/edps/ehp than you did before.
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Procs are great until you hit MP9 and then they really dry up.

The garg doesn't proc squat, and I'm not convinced that the dogs can either. Yes I know what the Pet Guide says. But I never saw any measurable proccing from the dogs of anything -- LoH, or other procs. Dogs are good for life link, life steal, blocking, and Bad Medicine with poison rune. And of course if you want to Sacrifice them.

Maybe some players with a boat load of LoH have seen the rabid or burning dogs proc it, but I never have.
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