Diablo® III

Heros New Clothes Acheivement

Anyone done this recently and can give me some tips.

I guess naked lust acheivement as long as you kill Cydea naked it works, so you can be equiped prior.

It seems like heros new clothes you have to enter and remain naked the entire time?
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From what I've heard, every boss but Diablo should be completed with a high-DPS follower. For D, you are allowed to go in with a friend and have them do most/all of the work.

I've heard conflicting reports on whether you're required to deliver the killing blow for any of the bosses, though.
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I did this achievement last week. I put my Hellfire ring on my Enchantress, loaded her up with INT equipment until she had 8800 DPS.

Met Cydea with nothing on, ran around avoiding the spiderlings while Enchantress took her. This was the hardest by far if you don't have a friend available.

Same with Azmodan, Butcher, and Belial. I didn't attack at all.

For Diablo you must have a friend do all the attacking while you sit in a corner.
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Using your follower is the best method as you will get credit for the kill.

You can actually keep your gear on, as long as you have 0 thorns damage during the fight. efore you kill, you MUST be naked though. I suggest having only a few pieces on for survival and then take them off at under 20% hp.
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I too did this recently, since the last patch. For me I had to enter without any gear on at all. Which makes me wonder if its bugged? I used my scoundel with 22k dps. I tried to do this many times to do it with a few vit pieces and remove before they died, didn't work :\ but with no gear, and my monk it worked. Didn't matter if I attacked, which I had to with blind and seven sided strike. And my follower did get the killing blows. this one was hard for me, good luck!
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How I did it:

Get high DPS gear for your follower.

Invite a friend, you enter naked. You die, friend rezzes you, you don't accept yet.

Friend gets the boss to near 0 hp, leaves game.

Click "Yes" to get your follower back, rez, follower hits boss once for the kill.
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the legit way of doing it.

be naked all the way. nothing in your inventory.

your follower = 50k hp - 90k hp. 9k dps (min). wearing hellfire ring prefered.

follower should not use summons gear like maximus.
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I did this with my Enchantress follower of my Barb (although I used my DH so I could use vault)
It's pretty easy to do.
Take off all gear and let your follower do the work.
You only need to be in Hell not Inferno so that makes it easier.
You have to do it alone with the exception of Diablo himself.
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I did the Cydea portion with my husband, went in naked with my DH and laid a few Caltrops, then he killed her and I got the achievment. However we tried the same thing on the Butcher and Belial and those didn't credit. So does that mean I would have to do them alone with my follower? Or can my husband almost killl him, ressurect me, leave the game and let my follower finish him off?
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the legit way of doing it.

follower should not use summons gear like maximus.

Why not? My Enchantress used Maximus and we killed all mobs that way (except fpr Diablo of course)
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Actually I had given up on this achievement. I couldn't get it trying different approaches (in a team, with follower...).
However, it is very doable.

Here how Gulcasa and I did it (Thanks for helping me, Gulcasa!):
  • Find a friend who has high DPS for Hell diffliculty and a bit of time/patience (don't team up, yet!)
  • Select Hell difficulty and a quest that is near a boss
  • Go to the boss, but wait right in front of the entrance; don't get in, yet
  • Clean the area around the entrance so that there are no demons that might attack you
  • Undress everything; don't drop it on the floor, though, because if there is an unexpected disconnection you would lose your gear; therefore keep it in your inventory; yes, go completely naked, no weapons, no offhands
  • Invite your friend, who should act like a follower, which means he shouldn't click anything
  • You start the boss quest
  • As soon the boss shows up, try to get one hit and run off
  • The friend kills the boss, which is very fast
  • Extra comments for each Boss:

    You need to play a bit through to get to the entrance.

    You dodge the attacks of the snakes in the first phase, which isn't hard at all. (I thought this would be tricky, but it wasn't.) You just need to get a hit on the Belial in the third phase. He immediately hit me as revenge although I stood in a spot where he wouldn't start his attack (at least I thought so). I died, but (!) it didn't matter. Your friend can resurrect you, and you still get the achievement for fighting naked. Maybe you can do a better job than me and don't get hit.

    I was prepared to dodge the spiderlings, but Cydea died before she could release any.

    Same here for the dark hell puddles... No puddles at all because he dies before he has chance to let them appear.

    Careful in the beginning. He starts to attack right away after his "speech". Run off a little and then try to hit. You don't need to hit the Diablo in the Shadow Realm. Just run off for the rest of the time.

    Like this it was very easy.
    If you want the harder way, use a follower with high DPS instead of a friend. It didn't work out for me, though.
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