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MP2 farming DH w 30M to upgrade. what items?

I'm at a point where I feel like I don't know what to upgrade next.

I can efficiently farm MP2, but find myself struggling past that.
What's some item(s) that will be the biggest upgrade regarding survivability and more damage?

My budget for now is 30M

Thanks in advance!
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30 million dollars, that's like 120000000000000 gold if you buy it on rmah. I think you should buy ALL the items.
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Yes, I'll buy 10 of everything!

Sorry, made the correction.
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drop your MF/GF gear and replace that with some gear that equal or better than your current one that has Vitality or armor. i guess the cheapest to upgrade right now should be the gloves, since the price has been coming down a lot on this item. and then some ring with vitality too. and get a vile ward with 80 AR.

also consider on using this skills build


and use my profile for comparison, i can face tank MP10 Solo.
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I'm afraid you're not going to get much for 30M. Probably just one upgrade.

If you are having trouble with survivability past MP2 that would be helped with a bit more vit, ar, and armor. You have several options. Add vitality or all resist to your Innas pieces, that is a quick easy option. Also, keep crafting. You could use some all resist on your shoulders, and your amulet has several non useful stats which could be replaced with all resist and/or vitality as long as you still roll decent dps stats.
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thanks for the suggestions!

I crafted a new ammy that's helped a LOT and bought a new inna's which lowered my damage, but gave more a lot more vita.

I've been crafting gloves for a while now (I think over 80 by now) and I have yet to have a trifecta. None of the gloves beat the ones I have one for now.

I guess I'm just really unlucky with crafting a decent set.

Thanks for the suggestions! My DH is coming along well! I just went through MP3 and it was a breeze!
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hrm, if you're comfortable in MP2, I would suggest tuning your gear for MP0 exp farming for now. Save up in readiness for the new itemization patch after 1.0.8. Also hoarding crafting materials might help as well.
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Are your kidding me? With your gear and build plus 21k elite killed and you struggle past MP3?

It is hard to believe and maybe your game play is in question, not your gear.

No offense. Add me in-game if you want to play with me. Let me see what you are doing wrong. I normally solo MP10.
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Firestorm, why should I do that? Rares are going to be less in 1.08 right? Is that why I should hold on to as many crafting items as possible?

Cameo, I just upgraded my ammy and belt which gave me a significant vita boost, so MP3 was no problem. I didn't die in MP3 as well, so I COULD try for higher MP's but I haven't attempted yet. I'll see tonight.

But you have a good point. My gear isn't that bad, but my dmg is relatively low. I'll add you later tonight! Thanks!
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