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Farming high MP with non 0dog build?

Hello Witch Doctor community,

I recently got my WD to 60 and have an Acid Cloud build going right now to farm MP1. I have heard a lot about the 0dog build, and I think it looks cool, but is also extremely expensive. I really enjoy having a buttload of pickup radius and I know the 0dog build doesnt really focus on pickup radius as much as my current build will with Thing of the Deep. However I also know Acid Cloud is not nearly as effective in high MPs so I would have to switch that skill out.

My question is if there are any great builds for high MP that arent 0dog and I can still have a ton of pickup radius? My ultimate goal is to be able to farm mp10 for when i want to farm keys/essence/etc.

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You will want to run a bear build to deal the most dmg. Other skills can be chosen based on what you like most and what works best for you. It is always a big advantage to run alongside a 0dog WD because of the enormous buff from 5stack gruesome feast and the healing/mana from globes.

Casting bears correctly can take awhile to get used. The potential dmg is enormous because bears act differently than most spells. They go through targets hitting everything they come in contact with and can be stacked on top of each other to hit x3 from one cast. For example, on the Ghom uber fight you can position yourself to hit both ubers with all 3 bears. Thats 236% dmg three times each cast. If you can manage to have elites lined up, you could hit 4 blue elites x3 each cast. On the downside, if you aren't positioning and casting well then you might only hit 1-2 of them with 1-2 bears per cast. Casting in a corner is the best way to get bears to stack x3 on a single target. Casting against a wall usually yeilds two bears on top of each other with one to the side. You can get 3 to stack if you cast against a wall at certain angles.

Basically you are going the get the best aoe and single target from a sustained bear spam.

Sustaining bears without having mana problems can be tricky. You will want 4p zuni along with several other mana sustaining items. Helm/mojo with mana regen is good along with the stat "reduced mana cost of zombie charger." I suggest getting an soj and/or mojo with this stat. Keep your attacks per second below 1.75 to minimize your mana cost per second. 2.5%+ lifesteal is recommended because you can leech alot with bears.

You will want to have high EHP if you are running solo. You can be somewhat glassy if you are running with a permafreeze cm and/or 0dog wd.
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