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Templar or Enchantress???

ok first off i need opinions on followers, im thinking enchantress or templar with my wicked wind set up on wizard. reason being templar well he can heal or he can tank also has ability to incrase arcane regen, Now the reason why i think Enchantress would be better is she is like CC (crowd control) with disorentate. but i also have done the skills set up on templar where he tanks he also slows down enemy movement speed and taunt them when they are attacking me. In your opinion which follower would you use more Enchantress or Templar with wiched wind set up on wizard? now the problem i have with Enchantress is she doesn't stay alive very long she is so feeble any suggestions on what gear she should be wearing?
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Also enchantress dies too easyily and suggestions on what to equip her with????
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as for geraing up enchantress than here :
You can find one good way to keep her up on her feet al the time even on MP10...

do not be fooled by my char on us server my true toons are on eu..
there You can find good builds for enchantress and templar..

AS for the topic creator.. Your best option is that dumb scoundrel who thiks that he's clever

stack him up with buriza with at least 12%freeze and 50% pierce and a cold% star of azarkanath IAS+ all rez+ vit +live% +str+dex/int rings and a relic with dex/int in place of life%, as for his skills use crippling shot; dirty fighting;multishot ;and 3%crit chance bonus. and that's it You're all set up
Personally scoundrel is the best choice for wizzards 60+ because of his crowd control and crit chance bonus, as templar heals are usless for the player by inferno and acane power gain from his passive skills actually do nothing 0.5 - 0.01 rounded down so it's actually a ZERO gain per second bonus... cmww has other means of getting arcane power and that's arcane power on crit
so agin scoundrel helps a bit there with his 3% bonus
as for enchantress i use her sometimes for fun mostly as her total dps output (not the sheet dps)
is way over 30k dps when the sheafer's hamma starts to proc..
ofc You can try to gear enchantress with azurewrath but agin scoundrel with above setup is way better for a wizz
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I use the chick+maxamus....the extra demon help me do high mp+ she has crowd control
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