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Because my Ice Climbers are pretty good, I have to wear Inna's pants and Lacunis for the 24% movement speed, and even 24% is so slow it feels like running through pools of tar.

24-25% movement speed is too slow. Period. Almost every monster in the game run circles around you.
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NO way!!!!!

They cap it at 25% for a reason....how easy do you guys want this game to be??!!??
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03/17/2013 06:22 PMPosted by Rooder
D2 had wicked fast run speed and somehow survived to this day. Barbs with sprint and wrath should be easily achievable for run speed for everyone imo, makes things fast paced and fun.

lol lets use the d2 cesspool as an example of why we should have no limits on speed. We are already getting whines abour mob density being to high. In effect the increased density, offers you more kills.
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sure why not
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It's like no one reads anymore or has an open mind.

If they capped the actual movement speed instead of the 25% cap they have on gear, it would allow for more gear diversity and build diversity.

A Barb with Sprint, 25% from gear, WotB, and a shrine can move really really fast.

Why is it a bad idea to be able to achieve this type of speed with gear instead?

They already move this fast damn near constantly so the game can handle it.

With an actual cap, they couldn't use gear and skills/passives together. They would trade off one for the other or else it would be a waste. In no way could they move at a faster rate than we already have those barbs moving.
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I think blizz does not want us to outrun mobs, but the movement speed cap should be higher
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Even after the monster density changes the game would feel massively better with another 10% movement speed.

They should add 10% movement speed across the board, all classes, all monsters. It still feels sluggish. I guess I am use to Action... Arpg....
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Word. The cap is too low when you have 25% and you can't run out of the way of a pile of frozen orbs.
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