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Trouble with MP2, what am I doing wrong?

So as I scroll through a million posts about whatever I see a bunch of people talking about how they're farming MP7-10, and it's tough but doable. Here I am on MP2 and I'm dying so much that it's not even worth the repair bill to try farming on it. Is my gear super underpowered?? My playstyle is pretty standard, set up turrets and kite in a circle, turning back to shoot a couple ball lightnings. Let me know if you see any glaring issues I'm missing!

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Your damage is VERY low.
MP6 for me feels like "old" inferno without the constant getting one shotted.

Considering I've spent less than 3M or so on my build I think it's time you hit the AH.

Cheap Mempo...
Better amulet (or craft one)
A really cheap Nat ring for the 3 set bonus.
Gloves with CD/CC and dex.
Inna's belt for the 2nd set bonus.
And a weapon with at least one socket so you can get a 70-100% CD jewel in there.

I bet you can do all that for under 2M.
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Switch your tactical advantage to perfectionist for one.
Increase your vit.
Switch your helm to a cheap Andariel's Visage.
Your DML has really low attack speed. You can do way better for dirt cheap.
I'd switch spray of teeth with thunderball. The stuns help you live longer and it has a small AoE like Spray of Teeth.
Upgrade your gloves. You can get WAY better gloves for the cost of one repair bill.
And replace your Cycle Ravager ring with a better one. Again, you can find an upgrade for that one for under one repair bill.
If you're dirt broke right now, switch to mp0 and pick up more gold. For the cost of 4 repair bills, you can upgrade at least 3 of your items.

After that, you can start looking into what the guy above me suggested (I am assuming you're quite poor so I wasn't even going to go in the 1-2M gear).
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Also, I know you're using the turret for some protection but if you're constantly running around and kiting, are you ever within the guardian bubble for long? Might want to switch that to Spike Trap Scatter (I say scatter as I'm assuming you're running around too much to properly aim Echoing Blasts).
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spend 1$ on 4m gold and upgrade your gear
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Even if you were to do that FatSack...
Spend $3, and get 26 million gold.
Just buy a top emerald and sell for gold. Cheaper than buying gold.
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You have a ways to go before you will be able to play the MP level games. I am surprised that you can play inferno at all without constantly dying.

You will need to replace almost all your gear to be able to do any good especially in MP2 or higher. My suggestion to you is to check other peoples profiles on the forums to get a good idea of the gear upgrades to shoot for.

Another thing, get rid of Numbing Traps passive skill and use Steady Aim and get rid of Elemental Arrow and Hungering Arrow and us Bola Shot (Thunder Ball) and Rapid Fire. The Steady Aim will boost your damage quite a bit more. Play Inferno without any MP levels until you can save enough gold to get better gear.

This is only a temporary fix so you can do a little better in inferno until you can get some good gear equipped. I used the above skills on my DH until I got him built up with better gear. I was able to do regular inferno pretty good with what I suggested for you to use.

Oh one more thing, if you start having problems with running out of hatred a lot while using Rapid Fire, replace your Perfectionist skill with Vengence, that will boost your Hatred from 120 to 150 which would help a great deal.

Remember - The above mentioned skills are only a temporary fix until you can gear up better. Once you get the gear you need you should switch back to your original skill setup or something similar.

Hope this helps.
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