Diablo® III

MP7 Build Using Strafe

Hi, Been playing with some builds and have settled on this build for MP7

Scope: Using strafe / gloom to lay jagged spikes in the mob. Either retreat 50% of the way and go forward laying additional jagged spikes or proceeding to end. Then hold and fire hatred generator (using HA Spray but can use bola) as you should have 3 seconds before anything is on you due to snare affects. Firing back into the snared mob triggers cull the weak. Then when health is needed, strafe / gloom back into the mob and lay additional jagged spike traps.

Use prep to refill discipline as needed and repeat.

You are always dealing damage 1) moving with strafe 2) hold position with hatred generator 3) with properly positioned caltrops.

You are slowing down enemies for the rest of your party.

Damage is very light using Calamity - much better with Manticore. I find the constant damage equals my cluster arrow and echoing trap builds although they hit harder, they are not constant like this.

Comments: Using demo strafe you can proc discipline with nightstalker with large numbers of mobs so you can spam 6 caltrops right off the bat. I like HA as I don't need to aim and can always deal damage to ranged at all times.

Hoping for future buffs.

Depending on party you can lead and soften the enemies up front or you can add snare support for the heavy (non DH) hitters in the party with snare.

I very much like this build as there is really no reason to die unless you are ultra aggressive which is part of the fun with this build.

Looking to get more a damage but I am not looking at weapon upgrade at this time.

What do you all think.

Very interested in your comments.

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I'll give it a shot.
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This was similar to my original progressing build in hardcore.

I used Cinder Arrow or Shock Collar to proc Nightstalker. I'd set up Sentries, and then start Strafing with Jagged Spikes. If played right, you can be all in the mix and not get hit at all, even against Demonic Tremor packs all in your face. Strafe - Demo served as the bridge between hatred and discipline, as its usage was for constant damage AoE damage on the move while restoring discipline. The Caltrops kept the monsters in place to make the most out of it, including Steady Aim.

I also had Smokescreen and Blood Moon on my bar. The reason why I was using Blood Moon was because the Sentries and Jagged Spikes would reflect too much damage back, and even with my Danetta's set and Blood Moon my DH had still eventually died to reflect on a usual solo key run. After having been alive for a few months and one of the earliest HC DH full(non quest skip) inferno clears.

It was very good for progressing, but it wasn't a very efficient build.
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Switched to ID bola with 10+% on DML and SOJ for elites.

The 2 second delay is fine I just lay an extra caltrop in between the last mob and where I stop to unload bola. This mitigates the 2 second delay.

@KungFu - congrats on the HC...not enough trust in wifi providers to give me lag free bandwith...

I find the bat instead of sentry very helpful in case I have to move quickly...
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