Yeah, now i received a reply that says that my Window 8 seens to be not original lol
Well i sent a ticket again with the pictures and the new msinfo lol
I bought again the Windows 8 Pro and Windows 7 Ultimate just to prove that is not my Windows problems for sure. Every patch as i said in other threads i cant log in and play, so lame and sad system. I work at Sony Japan and i got 6 months to spent in only for play diablo as much as i did, now i cant do anymore anyway, i did all the support center told me and still nothing, so sad company for real....
Well the error 3007 is for sure a bug from blizzard and u have to fix it as fast as u can, tomorrow ill start my job again and ill ask at Sony personal departmant to help me again with this cause. 2 years ago i had some problems with Valve and they helped me a lot, so won at first instance and a could have all my spent money back. And today i signed 2 more internet providers( Yahoo Bb) flets ADSL and another NTT OCN fiber optic conection, well lets see what will happens, i cant afford all time and real Money that i wasted in this game. Diablo is a nice game but for online is for sure the worst ever in this world, sad but true
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