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Finally have some gold, advice needed...again


I have finally sold something worth half someones time and cleared about 150mil. I went to the auction house pronto but dont really know what to drop millions on. Had a thread a while ago that mentioned a better MCK, but those are really so expensive that a "good" one is still out of reach of my wallet, and I'm trying to avoid "minor" upgrades. (Is 65mil worth 10k dps increase??)

Thought about a good Pox ring to keep set bonus (if i get rid of SoS) and get a Gory Fetch for both set bonuses, anyone have experience with this, are the Manajuma set benefits worth it?

Whenever I search for a pox though, it seems I need to cough up 20+mil to even match my Unity on dmg, let alone surpass it.

Any advice is appreciated, never thought I would actually have some money to spend and then have nothing to spend it on.



P.S. The Hellfire's coming off at around PL70, but I do want to keep it on until then.
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Leave the hellfire on! Unless you need it off for some reason.. I would maybe try and find one w cc instead of cd. Once you get to p100 you have those awesome max m/gold find plus 300 extra int and 200 extra vit!.

You have a massive loss of ehp with your pants, but I understand you want the max ms. Lacuni's have come down in price a bit maybe check them out. If you are doing mp0-2 speed runs go with a TotD for the pick up radius and a cheap pox for the time being and replace your unity w it for the set bonus. My pox was only like 8m back when I bought it and out dpses the affordable ones ~4.5cc.

Your AR is quite low at around 220 from gear.. pox and rare pants would fix that.

Obviously a higher damage mh but that is pricey w cd OS and ls. Otherwise looks good!
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Bump, and many thanks for the post.


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Those Inna's should be replaced with int/vit Inna's. Ten million gold will get 60 int = 3000-4000 DPS increase. May lose a few vit if you want to keep price down.

Hellfire ring = Why? You are giving up a good amount of DPS there over a 150 int, 4.5% crit ring. Are you running low MP or higher MP? Higher MP definitely replace it with Littany, Pox, etc.

Bracers should have all res. Why don't you craft some? You did good with your shoulders and ammy.

You should replace one of those passive mana skills with Gruesome Feast. This will make mana from health globes and give you burst damage like SH.

Low int on Zuni helm. Be better to have 250+ int and mana regen. You might lose some some DPS but the mana regen would be worth it. Or buy crit on the 250int Zuni.

Unity ring - not in love with that. You have no skill to proc LoH. Consider some other high Int/crit ring. (this is an Ok ring but down the road you might want something better.)
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Get an equivalent or better weapon with an OS. If you can't afford it, keep saving.

My 2c
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Got a new helm, pants, pox ring, and Serp. I had a moment of weakness and the serp added 16kdmg so I couldn't help myself. Wondering if I should now try to swap the pants for high vit Blackthornes and get lacuni bracers to balance out my HP/Dps.

The weapon is the killer. Just no way around saving more and getting a good one. Damage went up a great deal though. Appreciate the input.


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