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selling the 3rd ranked zuni pox with 120+ int and vit on the server

Willing to negotiate a bit with my fellow WD enthusiasts here
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there are a rare pair of pants up at 79m I think is a good deal for that money

203 vit
63 AR
199 armor
2 sockets

sharing with you guys here before someone else sees it for themselves or flips it for a 50m profit
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ridiculous 7yard puy gloves

247 int
158 vit
50 CD
9 CC
7 PuY

seriously gg gloves. he's probably looking over 1b
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Hi everyone! I've got a pretty nice ring here. There doesn't seem to be too much like it on the AH for comparison (from 0-10 items at most, over the last ~2 weeks). FYI - this is, I believe, the nicest drop I've found to date, so any guidance on pricing will be doubly appreciated. I'm also accepting offers! Thank you much.

Ring - Loyalty Immunity

+21-49 Damage
+78 Intelligence
+49 Vitality
+71 All Resistance
+7% Attack Speed
+24% Critical Damage
(+ 43 Lightning Resistance)

I also have a Tal Rasha that I'm looking to sell. Price check and/or offers much appreciated:

Neck - Tal Rasha's Allegience

+30 Minimum Damage
+5% Damage as Holy
+278 Intelligence
+43 Vitality
+239 Life on Hit
+65% Critical Damage

Thanks for looking, and your help!
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U stole my ring's name!
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WTS tal ammy

6% holy dam
211 int
88 vit
36 cold res!
63 CD
9.5 CC
its on the AH for 170m but i will sell -15%, 144m
Vekcna #1883
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I'm cashing out fellow WD's. I will be sorry to see many of you go. Please comment on thread in trading forums if you're interested:



All items are currently on RMAH...
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WTS Uhkapian Serpent
92-443 Dmg (267 Avg dmg)
199 Int
13% Extra gold
9 Crit chance
6% Damage as Elites
9 Reduce Mana - Zombie Charger
+4126 Health potion and Globes

Starting price 200mil
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Top end WD for sale here! 200k DPS unbuff, 900k EHP, check profile!

Please check my profile and make ur bids for items.

Notable items include:
1) World #1 Tal Ammy - 6Cold, 294INT, 276VIT, 10CC, 64CD
2) 1340DPS sword - 1.55APS (11%IAS bonus), 2.5LS, INT, socket
3) Blackthorne pants - 270VIT, 2socket, 12% life, 470LOH

Offer up!
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Hey WDs -

Still looking for some pricing help at least on this ring. Need to sell for weapon upgrade. Offers are nice too, just really trying to find the best way to sell this. No rings come up when I "search for similar items," (sans lightning res), and I have to lower several stats an unhealthy chunk to find competition. Thank you in advance!

Ring - Loyalty Immunity

+21-49 Damage
+78 Intelligence
+49 Vitality
+71 All Resistance
+7% Attack Speed
+24% Critical Damage
(+ 43 Lightning Resistance)
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^ Great ring, Rookfire, but you'll have a hell of a time trying to sell it. Without Crit Chance, people will ignore or miss, as CC is one of the first things that gets pumped into the Search parameters on jewellery.

Plus, the AH is a ghost town at the moment - it's a buyer's market for everything but absolute top-shelf stuff. The reality of it is you'll be lucky to pull 50m for it quickly, or 100m if you're very patient. In other words, don't waste your time looking at it as the golden ticket to your next upgrade. Bang it up for 50m on the AH, pray to whatever God tickles your fancy, and keep on farmin'.
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Much, much appreciated. I know it's tricky because of the AS vs CC, and certainly unlikely to get any fellow WDs mega excited. But I'm certainly not willing to make it a follower ring!

I have it up for 65M BIN starting 57.5M, so glad to hear I'm not waay off the mark or something. I'll think about dropping it to the 50 level.

Is this more of a wizard ring or are they pretty jazzed about CC as well?

Thanks again!
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Yeah, more of a WIZ ring due to the AS, but it again just highlights one of the inherent flaws of the game's design - CC is a must for EVERYBODY. Especially with a WD using a two-hander, the lack of toys you get from a mojo means that CC slot on the ring becomes uber impotant. Anything less than 5% is close to unsellable.

So yeah, a Wiz will find it more attractive - but attractive enough to part with cash? Hard to say, but I wouldn't be too optimistic. Really, in the long run, my guess is you are holding on to a nice follower ring.
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I think you are way over-pricing that ring. That 7%AS is worth 3.5 crit chance in terms of damage. So you have a low crit, low CD% ring, with low int.

I put it at 10M tops. You can get a 4.5 crit Litany with better stats for 10M sans the vitality, but a lot more good affixes. Maybe real selling price is 5M.
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Oh wow really Sky? Well, I'll step it down relatively slowly just in case - not much at all is selling so I don't mind giving a long-term AH slot to this. I'll update for reference if it sells, and at what price.
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Let's see what Manvan says back. Maybe he sees something I don't. Keep with your current plan for selling it.
This ring sold for 32M a couple of weeks ago on AH. It was 6% crit with 7%AS or ( = 35 CD%) if that helps you any.

Rare Ring

+31 max damage
6% crit chance
83 int
7% AS

9% Life
46 Physical Resist
69 Dex
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Yeah, could def be overpricing it - depends if you use an online calc or not, I guess. That min/max damage is quite nice for someone with already high CC, and is a stat I personally value a little more than some. Plus, I liked the AR roll - quite high for a ring.

Translating AS into CC as equivalent DPS seems a bit of a furphy to me - there can be direct comparisons to sheet dps, but it does seem to not translate well in delivering that dps. Kind of thing where you need to have a fair understanding of your own gear/build to figure out how one stat plays off against another. But I certainly would caution against thinking that numbers from one attribute are interchangeable with another. Happy to proven wrong here, but it just doesn't gel with the way I think about the stats.

As for the ring, you'd be wise to listen to sky here - we all have different experiences/searches/expectations with the AH. The example he gives goes a fair way to better illustrate the ring's worth.

On another note, is everybody a slave to the 60 sec 'next post' timer when editing, or is it just me?
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Yeah Manvan, I hear you that you can't really equate AS with crit or CD%. But I use the ratios from my stats to give general comparisons between the different stats in terms of damage.

This helps me to guesstimate a piece of gear's damage. It is really helpful for things like trifecta gloves. Playing with the different stats to see what the gear's damage potential is.

Anyway, thanks for your input.

Edit: Yeah the 60 second thing is typical for me too.
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