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Account Banned - But I don't even play LOL

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Hey guys,

Received an e-mail this morning from Blizzard saying my account has been banned because of 3rd party tools, botting, etc. I haven't play D3 since launch, I quit after the first week. I'm not even sure I have the game installed, lol.

I generated a ticket like I'm supposed to 4 hours ago, just waiting on a response. I just wanted some feedback here to help me understand what I could have done wrong. Here is the story:

When D3 first launched I didn't have an authenicator, which I regret now after all of these problems. I logged into the game and noticed something strange, I have a bunch of new friends in my friendlist. People I didn't know who they were. (WTF!?) So I started deleting these people and continued playing. A day later I noticed my character was missing all of his money. Someone had somehow hacked me and robbed me blind but didn't bother to change my password.

So I change my password. Same thing happens again... someone steals my money.

I was obviously really upset so I quit the game. I didn't want to get robbed anymore and I didn't even consider getting the keychain/mobile authenticator.

FLASH FORWARD - 1 month ago.

I've been receiving e-mail alerts about suspicious activity. Account lockouts, etc.No problem, I just reset my password and carry on. I don't play any Blizzard games anymore so I've just been responding to these e-mails, because I did pay for SC2 and D3, I didn't want to get banned or lose access to my account.

Last month I received this e-mail for lock out. I decided to finally go ahead and get the mobile authenticator. I even changed password to something unique (so unique I forgot what the Hell it was this morning). I thought everything was swell...


I get another e-mail, no warning, no lockout e-mails, notta. Just a flat out, I'm banned from D3. Naturally, I thought it was spam. So I logged into BNET and checked out D3. BANNED. Sweet, awesome... this is just flipping incredible.

First thing I do is add another layer of security, SMS alerts. I didn't want this originally because I didn't want to get spammed by Blizzard. I also made an open ticket to blizzard, Ticket (Ticket US36466835) if any of you Blizzard folks are reading.

This is just all crazy to me. I keep my computer protected with virus protection, I even ran a scan recently, no malware could be found using malwarebytes, spybot and AVG. I don't pirate games or visit suspicious websites. I don't even research blizzard games and I sure as Hell don't open up those suspicious e-mails for phishing attempts.

This really sucks man. I'm wanting to buy the Zerg expansion but I don't know if I can trust my account. Seems like no matter what I do I keep getting locked out and in Diablo 3 somehow my character keeps getting hacked.

I read somewhere a long time ago that people can somehow hack player sessions ID's. Do you think someone got ahold of this last year and somehow has free reign to my account without having to know my authentication number or password to login? I have the authentication set to use code at EVERY login.

I don't even play Blizzard games anymore, it has been since D3 release. I keep getting hacked somehow even with an mobile authentication method.
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Nobody has EVER been able to hack session IDs. Those were an example of lovely internet rumors by folks who knew nothing of the issue.

What you have though is clear evidence that a hacker was on your account. Note that they do not always ban accounts immediately so you were likely banned for whatever the hacker did a month ago, before you put the Authenticator on it. It can be misleading and you might think you were banned for something that JUST happened, but that is not likely the case.

From what you describe, you had/have a keylogger on the system. That is the only way they can keep getting back in once you change the password. I suggest repeating some scans - do a FULL (not quick) scan with Malwarebytes with the game up and gibberish in the login fields. Some malware only activates under those conditions. When done, do an updated (FULL) virus scan with something like Microsoft Security Essentials (it is free too). It is best to double check that nothing is on your PC.

Adding the Mobile Authenticator is a great idea and will keep out all but the most dedicated hackers. To get into your account now, they would need to trick you into removing it, impersonate you and get it removed, or use nasty malware that steals the code in real time and then use it themselves in those 30 seconds. They could also clone your mobile Auth if they had the restore code and serial #. That is not likely though.

If you wish to appeal you can put in a ticket. Select Support > Product D3 > I can't log in > I wish to appeal a ban or suspension.
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Thank you MissCheetah. Your input was helpful.

Blizzard contacted me and unbanned my account. Hopefully, my mobile authenticator will prevent this moving forward. They told me that the incident happened before I added the extra layers of security.

I will probably just re-load Windows. This whole ordeal has made me extremely paranoid. I've never been hacked before.
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I admit I love your solution. I don't usually recommend it because the average user can't do it. However, a full nuke + patches for everything is awesome. Be sure to update Windows, Adobe, Flash, and all virus and malware protection. Firefox with NoScript and AdblocPlus add ons is also awesome! Glad you got your account back and be sure to change the passwords to EVERYTHING once you get a clean PC.
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So yeah, i quit the first week i bought the game also. Haven't played in several months, don't even think i hit level 30. But i got some downtime and decided to reinstall, come to find out my account is banned. Been 3 days since i sent my ticket in...no response. I also did the mobile security thing.
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Your support ticket has been seen and has been escalated to the proper department for review. I don't know what if anything they'll be able to do though. The Diablo III game accounts have been locked for over a year now.

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