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And if you ever wondered why people are quitting...

Curiously player with below 10k kills usually defend the game RNG. Are these the new player after MP patch?
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good gear needs to be scarce, or it doesn't really feel like good gear when you finally get it.

Refreshing to see some ppl undertstand a Diablo game.

Only it would seem, that you and the developers don't understand it completely either.

Should legendaries be extremely rare? Yes! Legendaries should be very rare to find, but when they are found, I want to go crazy:

"Yes! Finally! WhooooooHoooooo, damn that took some time but it's a magnificent good game item with all the stats perfectly rolled for my class and I can't wait when I complete the set, damn I am going to destroy this game"

Why is this good? Because you know it will be the best item you can find when it finally drops and as such, it feels extremely rewarding.

When the item is not for your class, then it can go to the AH or be exchanged for another item that you need with other players. That is what the AH and trade system should have been like, simply, to exchange items for when you find something that was not meant for you class. The items would still have had value, but not the extreme amounts that people are asking for at the moment, but enough, since items would have had straight swop value.

This is also exactly what created the problem with this game in the first place, almost everyone wants to make a load money by using the AH instead of playing the game for fun. I can't give a damn if you want to make a profit or not, I only ever wanted to play the game for fun. Greed by Acti/Blizz and a part of it's player base is what destroyed this game, nothing else.

This is exactly why the itemization system is currently as it is, it will only be fixed when Blizzard starts to see a great drop in sales at the RMAH and when players just can't seem to sell their items anymore. Funnily enough, this is exactly what is happening at the moment, which is why I think Blizzard is finally willing to discuss and fix the itemization problem. This sickens me even further; since most of us complained about it since patch 1.0.3, almost a year ago... o_O

I have played this game for more than 1350 hours, that is a lot of time, the only good item I ever found was my Witching Hour, which I coincidentally found after I came back 2 weeks ago after I took a 3 months break. Before that, I played over 1200 hours and received nothing good for my trouble. Sickening. I almost salvaged it too, as I am so used to destroying items that I find, simply, because of their low quality.

Also, I am yet to find a great many items in order to make my Wizard amazing. I refuse to use the AH to buy gear unless I find an item for a bargain. One can't purchase amazing items at this present time, as there is no way to get 2 Billion gold, other than buying the gold on the RMAH or the blackmarket, Sell gear you say? Sure, I would love that! However, there is only one problem; the worthy ones it would seem. don't ever want to grace me with their presence.

As things currently stand, the Diablo 3 loot system is like this:

*Legendary item drops*
"A legendary dropped, mmmm let me guess, it's crap? Yep, how could I have guessed..."

*Next Legendary drops*
"Oh another legendary, let me guess, it's crap? Yep, how could I have guessed..."

*Next Legendary drops*
"Oh another legendary, let me guess, it's crap? Yep, how could I have guessed..."

*Next Legendary drops* "
"Oh another legendary, let me guess, it's crap? Yep, how could I have guessed..."


Just my 2 cents
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Heres the issue:

1 Gear Set for all Viable Builds.

Where in reality: Gear should dictate build potency!

Currently you just stack numbers and the builds perform the same = boring = item hunt becomes boring because at some point people realize getting from 200k dmg to 230k dmg is just not worth it. That point varies from person to person.

^^^ Pretty much this

Gear is nothing more than a 13 slot damage stack, with minimal EHP to go with it.

I will also add that there is only 1 -2 viable skill builds for each class.

If skills aren't changed with the ability to gain power, gear will remain a boring damage stack, that potentially will roll bad affixes 99.9% of the time.
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I think if they adjusted the salvage for a Legendary item to provide more mats, that could help. For example, maybe you get five brimstones or whatever. Then, if you choose to keep the brimstones, you can use them to get five crafting shots instead of just one, or a combination of brimstones and demonic essences. Or maybe randomly you get a new salvaged material that pays entirely for one crafting shot where the mat is all you need...don't need gold, essence, gem or whatever.
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