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What item is your hero's most cherished possession?


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As heroes gain experience in Sanctuary, there comes a time when their steadfast resolve is no longer enough to turn back the tide of battle. But through the strength of solid armor and battle-forged weapons, a Nephalem can harness their cunning and skill into something truly legendary.

For this week's community question, we want to ask you: What weapon or piece of armor is your hero's most cherished Diablo III possession?

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Definitely my doom from diablo 2.
My barbs boots and Amulet since those things are self found.
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My skorn
My barbs ammy. Even tho it was crafted for my wiz, it's the best usable item I've ever made.
2nd most cherished, (Most cherished before 1.0.7) is my barbs ik chest cause it rolled good and I found it myself.
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My barbs boots and Amulet since those things are self found.

dat boots
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My Arkaine's Valor that I found in a group cow run in Hell in Diablo 2, unfortunately due to the lack of AH or sufficient knowledge since I was only in 6th grade at the time, I under sold it for 2 measly SOJs. =*(

Also my Legitimately dropped Zod rune when I return to player 5-6 years later. if it wasn't for the mass dupes I would have been rich.
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Beast shoulders/bracers on my barb.
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My Amulet, i'll never afford/find a better one. But i may be able to craft one who knows.
crafted shoulders. damn those are nice
My HotS Wings; Really bring's out my DH's eyes.
Mah dooped Skorn.

found it while farming the auction house and dropped by a chinese-looking yellow goblin.
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None of my items are very good, I'd replace any of them without ever looking back. It's nice to see people who have found cool stuff instead of buying it though, and the BoA crafting items are turning out to be rather nice.

Prob my Windforce in D2 was my most cherished though...
My IK chest, found on a dead guard in keeps, didn't help him down there tho. So mine to keep :)
see, this thread is depressing since now I fully realize how much my gear actually sucks when I break it down to individual pieces ... my manajuma's knife I guess
My legacy natalyas ! oh and my Barbs crafted shoulders ;)
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Nothing I hate my wiz.
My spear. The + to skill on the item makes me feel like I'm playing D2 (Slightly).

Edit: Oh, and my follower's bow. I'm basically building all of his other items and skill tree completely around 1 (Well 2 really) proc on attack stats on his bow. Pretty much an example what Blizzard mentioned their goal was right?
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