Diablo® III

What item is your hero's most cherished possession?


My !@#$ on my DH
my axe
A few decent crafted items. Nothing bought is cherished, as it's either cheap or resold.
everything, mostly because i found or craft them myself (except the nat helm and WH)
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My witching hour on nSidio is probably my most cherished, but that char as a whole is pretty loved because i found or crafted EVERY item on her myself. Sure she could be better, but it's my purist, zero gold spent, build and I love it.
Mine are my Mempo, Unity and Rare Pants (Ramble Font) since I found all of those items.
My Ice Climbers on my Barb, cause I found them.
I'll have to go with my pants, I don't think I'll be able to find a better one.

Itemization is as stale as a 10 year old Dorito.

Ask this question again after you guys fix itemization.
Probably in all honesty, my Staff of Herding. Weapons and armor come and go, but access to Whimshyshire is always going to be useful.
My amulet and probably my ring (dream purifier) plus my zuni armor.
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Back in 1.02 I had a belt I found off SB that I wore for months. 130 int, 50 vit, 60 AR, 300 life regen. Now everything is bought of AH and none of it is cherished :-/
I play a fledgling Monk.. I own nothing of value except my determination to extinguish Diablo's essence from the earth!
my barb`s dagger
Tell ya what. Look at my profile & tell me what my "most cherished possession" is...cuz I don't feel like any of it's all that special atm, it all seems generic.

your gems
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Definitely my doom from diablo 2.

My 2 HOTOs from D2, made them my self. so happy to get 40% all resist rolls on both
Just my wand and my chest, my buddy gave the chest to me to get me to start playing again and the wand i found doing some runs an got a bunch of good drops after that
My Dex Mempo since I bought it for 480M and now can't be had for under 1B thanks to gold tanking recently
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