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What item is your hero's most cherished possession?


The Grandfather sword I found in the cow level back in the D2 days. I was 13 years old and 4 of us raced towards it and I was lucky enough to snag it! Man that was a rush! And for D3 my Tal Rashas chest piece that I found in the fields of slaughter :)
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my WD's helm, belt, shoulder, boots and the trifecta ring...all are self found..they are not the best, but i found/made them...
My gold, if I farm for a couple more months I might be able to afford a decent item.
All of my stuf is self found,but I'm really proud of my storm shield

Armor 1110

33.0% chance to block

3706-4706 block amount

194 strength

72 all resist

9% chance to block

Reduce damage from melee attacks by 5%

Reduced damage from elites by 7%
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My freeze belt, which maxed out at 5.1%. I've had it for a long time now—ever since I hit level 60, which was before paragon levels. I have several belts that provide more DPS, more effective life, or both, but I never seem to like them enough to toss this one away. Check my profile.
My barbs found sacred shield that's currently sitting in his stash.

1092 armor
26% block
93 vitality
79 resistance to all elements
3% reduced damage from elites

Found this before the original inferno nerf. Helped me clear inferno before the nerf hit.
i'm not being a negative nancy but there are no items that i really cherish, i've never once found an item that i could actually use to my advantage. 100% of the time items are sold for gold; the gold is then equally divided in finding better upgrades on the ah.

item sells for 50m...now i can afford to buy a 20m skorn and 30m between the rest of my gear etc.

so to conclude this, no i dont cherish any gear in this game. at all. hope this changes next patch
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Well the choir seems to have already sung, but for my part it would have to be an amulet I found for my WD. It's nothing too special, good pool of stats but nothing to help a zdogs build or trifecta. My reasoning for liking it so much is the same as most of the above...I found it myself.

Suffering Focus:
+76 Dexterity
+195 Intelligence
+67 Vitality
+6% Attack Speed
+541 LoH
+263 Armor
+95% Critical Hit Damage

Good rares with the itemization patch would do a lot to help the cause, but if you ask me Leg drop rates are still 2-3x lower than they'll assuredly need to be with the new patch allowing them ALL to drop in Inferno. Of course if you want to use the AH for your gear (which is fine by me if people enjoy it) then it's not so necessary, but for someone like myself playing all classes self-found, it's a bit disappointing at times knowing that you'll never stand a chance compared to the guys selling all their loot for better loot. =)
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my monk's hellring
My IK gloves. Found in Festering Woods :)
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What weapon or piece of armor is your hero's most cherished Diablo III possession?

Getting close to 2000 hrs. in and I really can't say that I have a most cherished Item. I wish I did. You would almost think it was impossible to not find an item that was godly by now. It's been such a grind, sometimes a good grind, but none the less a grind. I like the game a lot, but have really slowed down the play just because of this. I like the fact that fantastic items just don't drop all the time, but you have to wonder, is my che really that off, substitute RNG for Che if you want? Maybe it's just around the corner. I've also crafted over 600 amulets and nothing. Working as intended, a nice gold sink.
i cant say i cherish them

i couldnt find anything good, so i bought gold and got high end monk gear

i sold them recently because i felt cold at night
Found my hardcore Zuni shoes two days ago, best thing I have ever found. Now I need to be real careful.
my ammy indeed. oh god love it so much. haha. ofc i wish for more cd and ias. but this ammy is the reason i came back to play after a long hiatus
Shenlong Fist of Legend. Crit Damage
My +3 to Blizzard Ormus from Diablo 2.

No I'm serious, while I realize you are not happy about provocation I think it's important to note none of my items are by any means special or interesting, I don't have any personal story behind any of my items. I honestly don't have a "most cherished possession"

EDIT: and If i would really force myself to find one "outstanding item" it would be certainly an item that I have gotten extremely underpriced from the AH (1d12h auction anyone). That's the only sense of achievement I can think of currently.

But you already knew this. Maybe hearing it again and again might change something about your attitude.
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My Skorn and Lacunis, mostly as I found them.
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