Diablo® III

What item is your hero's most cherished possession?


Probably my rare ring, since I found it. My amulet was my most remarkable craft, though. Both screwed me a little in the crit chance department since I'll never find/craft anything better than those, lol.
My new blade shield DH ! Throwing dishes n laying traps

Looks like a gundan!!
I would have to say my barb's gloves (crafted), but also his boots because they were self found.
Mine was the Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood that DiabloProgress still shows. For the same reason as many others': I found it myself. This was back in the days when a legendary was just another drop without the beam of light and when I used to get a little bit more excited whenever I saw an orange or a green item. At that time even just the fact that it was a barb item for a barb felt awesome, then it got even better when it turned out to be my very first self-found upgrade Then an eternity in between then and now waiting for another upgrade for any of the slots, but that lucky drop never happened again, so I took my gold and went to the market to take care of the upgrade myself which is indeed way less exciting. That mighty weapon was my OH forever and loved it, but eventually it had to go. The only other time I felt the same when about a month ago or two, a rare sword dropped and turned out to be an upgrade for my WD. It's still equipped. It would be nice to find decent stuff or God forbid another upgrade, which would be harder now of course, I understand that, since I got all my upgrades from the AH, but if I'd have to wait like months just to find one upgrade, then where's the fun in grinding? Nowadays I don't even expect good stuff, I'm just piling my Brimstone stash:(
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Definitely my doom from diablo 2.

Stole my thunder... I was going to say my stormshield in D2.

I guess my barbs gloves are ok.. But the Stormshield was better, so was the shako, the grandfather, even the phaseblade I liked more. I miss knowing something was good before I would identify it and then finding out just how good it was afterwards. :(
My 30% perfect roll Leoric Signet. 2 weeks of farming nonstop. It will still be worth more than the new rings that will drop in Inferno because as a level 14 requirement you can make progress on a new character faster. After that 2 others dropped in 2 more farming runs at 28 and I think 25%.

After that perhaps my spear at near 1.5k base damage. My gloves probably have the highest DPS and pretty good considering they dropped in the game.
Diablo 1. The Executioner's Blade. Come on, that name was killer.
Mine would have to be my The Fist of Az'Turrasq though I soooo wish we could equip two of them (stun chance is awesome).
Griswald's edge(weakened overtime was a nice touch) from the anvil of fury in the Tristam ruins. Due to the Diablo 1 Nostalgia and it been the first item of note found in D3.
My amulet. Really made my day when I crafted it.
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My amulet. Really made my day when I crafted it.

Dang. You ain't kiddin' either.

My most cherished is a rare Diabo

I luv my 2 piece natty for my barb, it shouldn't work but it does perfectly. I found my IK belt, true story.
As heroes gain experience in Sanctuary, there comes a time when their steadfast resolve is no longer enough to turn back the tide of battle. But through the strength of solid armor and battle-forged weapons, a Nephalem can harness their cunning and skill into something truly legendary.

For this week's community question, we want to ask you: What weapon or piece of armor is your hero's most cherished Diablo III possession?

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I *would* say my collector's edition angel wings...

...but no, you folks didn't give them any *that I know of* special skills, stats or abilities. My question would be: why not? It would make sense to allow the angel wings or the other collectors wings/other collectors items also to have some sort of benefit in the game. I've said it before and I'll just keep saying it until they fix this. Also, why do I have to click to activate the wings instead of wear them on a slot and gain a benefit from them like an elite legendary item that scale based upon character level for example?? I would want more interesting effects, but hey, even if it just gave +1% per character level of something.. (like attack speed, crit damage, damage, defense etc, minus % to all cool downs) etc..

I mean if people can just buy gold or gear on the AH, why can't collector's/dedicated fans get some benefit from these wings.. they would be by far my favorite item if they actually did something. Even if you cannot turn them into a shoulder item or something, why not simply have them act like a charm from Diablo 2 and always be active when in your character's backpack and give you some benefits like charms did.. I mean something.. please.. maybe have it be part of a recipe for another item or a quest....

Anyway, angel wings are my favorite unfinished or hidden ability item.. that and then if we're including items we don't have but wished we had, murlocket..
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The wand I first beat Inferno Diablo with.
It's just a puny rare and it is way outclassed by my current OS Chantodos, but that rare wand has earned a permanent spot in my inventory.
I won't sell it (nobody will even buy it for 100k gold) or even vendor it.
My 600 or so self-found brimstones. I cherish them because they're a constant reminder of how rewarding this game is.
sigons set in D2 classic. Oh and BONESNAP, which I used to kill millions of monsters before I found an awesome Martel de fer.
I don't honestly have one as nothing really has stood out to me.
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My Bul Kathos Solemn Vow for my Barb. Has rolled very decently, with a socket and +1000 DPS, still by far the best self found weapon for me to date. And most funny thing: still the first and only set item I have ever found.

Also a Vile Ward with nice rolls, also self found, still happy with that one.
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