Diablo® III

What item is your hero's most cherished possession?


My 9/6 trifecta ring. I was disappointed at first when I saw no VIT/INT and realized it was a trifecta and got super excited!
Barb's ammy and mempo, Monk's belt and nat's ring (all self found)... funny how not many people post about their credit card buys...
My self found Wizard Mara's ammy. It is ridiculous (at least in my eyes)

10% CC
100% CD

pretty nasty :)
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@snowmountain, HOLY CRAP that Hellfire ring is a thing of beauty.
My profile name!!!
Whats up!
shield on my barb. I've had it since 1.02.
I would have to say my hellfire ring. Not a bad roll, and it only took 2 tries to make it. :)
My trifecta ring
Diablo 2 Herald Of Zakarum.
And my Grief Phaseblade.
Would have to be my amulet. Was at 187k dps and when it popped it was a 17k dps boost for me.
At the moment, I would have to go with my gloves.
My Thing of the Deep (not just because of the name, and despite the fact my WD has to put is hand up a frog's @$$)
Wiz - My awsome witching hour I found myself (almost missed it on the act3 battlefield, but went back to pick up a emerald and then WTF?? OMG!! YAY)

Barb - prowlers.. I just love them lol

WD - stone of jordan, makes my flaming kamakazi zombie dogs cast for ages before running out of mana

DH - oddly enough, my hellrack. I do have a 2 socket manticore that i use in group play, but it's not super great and only adds about 6k damage from the hellrack, but in single player, the stuns keep them inside my traps and destroys them. I went from not being able to do single very well past mp2 to doing mp 5 solo with him.
my Amulet
my monks Flying Dragon cause its just awesome ......
100 Blood Elf Mage
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my necros Beast from d2 and the infinity on the mercinary
boots due to self found ^^

Leoric Signet also self found but cost me 2 - 3 months time to get this >.< (since patch 1.03)
My Echoing Fury which I found yesterday. Would have been better if it was DEX but still an upgrade so not complaining.
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I haven't let go of my piece of junk rare archon armor, Paragon's Heart, that has:

63 dex
175 vit
273 armor
Life regen 113

because I found it a long time ago and don't want to sell it. I also collect items with 666 attack or defense, lol.
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