Diablo® III

Can't even touch 30 fps everything on lowest quality

Your graphics card seems to be the thing slowing you down. If you can get together around $250 get an nvdia 660 . It's getting rave reviews for a mid-level card.
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There is two scroll bars on the graphic settings page that allow you to set the FPS limit, untick both those boxes and then try again. Recently I had a problem where my FPS was capped to 30fps, I unticked those boxes and now I'm back up to 60fps again.
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i can honestly say i have no idea what the problem
could be. my machine is not even 1/2 of the one you are running
and i have 0 issues running everything on high.

the biggest thing i can say....that keeps my game running smooth
is the SSD drive i got and put D3 on.

with Win7 64 bit running on a SSD...and D3 running on its own SSD...

i only lag now if i get real dumb and try to put a few thousand things on screen at once..

i see this

1101 - System Score : 5.9 <-------hurts
1102 - Memory Score : 7.6
1103 - CPU Score : 7.5
1104 - Graphics Score : 6.7
1105 - Gaming Score : 6.7
1106 - Disk Score : 5.9 <----this is the reason

your drive is slow. not sure if its gonna get you over that 30fps you want..
but the drive in the machine is slowing you down. you also only have 8 gig of ram

try turning off everything down by the clock, you dont need any of it running while you play.

Thanks brah.

Don't thank him as he doesn't know what he's talking about. 5.9 is the highest hard drive score you can get without putting in a SSD. "System Score" just takes the lowest score you have. Don't read into those scores too much.

Your video card could be improved cheaply but I think there is a different problem here as your specs should be playing D3 fine.
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Get a 2GB gfx card.

Are you running vertical synch? AA?

Experiment with different settings.

Also, what resolution are you running?

I am not reading that giant, useless wall of text when I just need basic information.
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With these specs, either your video card or a cooling component is failing if you can't hit 30 at lowest.
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Btw, no one needs to see your ridiculously long DXDIAG.
Simply state your system specs. Or...do you even know how to do that? Here's a hint, your gpu is a coaster with a fan on it.
Lol, you mad bro? I'll post whatever I want if it bothers you don't read it... take care : )
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Thanks for the helpful comments I purchased a new gpu, which put me at 80-120 fps maxed. /thread
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I can get 180fps on my nVidia GTX 680M @1900x1080 on max everything, but cap it at 60fps via video sync. No need to stress the hardware
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