Diablo® III

Diablo: the Movie.

Diablo is a great series of games with a remarkable history in being able to inspire and sustain a large (relatively) player base despite incredibly long waits between each new installment of the series. I've heard and read hundreds of thousands of players decry or demean various parts of each game, from play style, to character balances, the gold system, whether one creature or another drops enough loot, whining about scaling a difficulty and everything else in between, but at it's lowest the game still maintained and maintains at least ten thousand regularly logging players. For a series this long in the making that is nearly unheard of. Final fantasy comes close, but it also has constant updates, new content and fine tuning that Blizzards diablo does not.

The one thing though that I've heard the fewest complaints on is the lore. The story, the background, the characters and their development, the progression of the game through the various acts; this is where I've found the least combinative whining of every forum throughout the games life.

I don't know about you, blizzard, but I think that means something.

I think that means you have the ready made material for a minimum of twelve movies; one for each act (expansions included) covering the three existing games. You have the plot, you have the cast, you have the scenery and the mood; there's an existing fan base large enough for you to recoup your investment if not make a decent profit. Cinematic blurbs exist to give you direction, models sit in digital archives to give you cast and you've built a massive company around WoW and the release of D3 to offer you the talent needed to built this into an epic worthy of being a household name. I've only two questions:

What's holding you back, and who will post signatures after me to convince you to stop?
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Diablo movie would be great, (diablo 3 wrath was pretty awesome)

But i'm sure blizzard's attention is focused on the (upcoming) warcraft movie at the moment

But still....
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ya warcraft movie first then i think SC movie should be next b4 a diablo movie

the only thing that would kill the warcraft movie and force blizz not to try a SC and diablo movie is the fact WC movie is live action......WHY LIVE ACTION BLIZZ?
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agreed...i would love Diablo as a movie, even starcraft...i guess we'll have to wait and see how Warcraft does
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I´d like to see one of Trudy Canavan´s novels first. Great stories, especially the age of fives trilogy.

My second wish would be the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy by Tad Williams.

Really elaborate fantasy stories, but well, I might watch a Diablo movie. I´m also enjoying the "Resident evil" movies every now and then, when I feel like watching simple eye-candy.
I´ll be certainly watching the WoW movie (later on TV, it´s probably not worth paying for that, but the trailer still looks really interesting). My next movie in the cinema will be the new Star Wars movie. I hope it´s not as childish as the last 3 movies, then I´d be done with that.
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I dont think making a straight port of the games to film would be a great idea. I would like to see some Diablo movies about the back story and lore. Like a movie about the skeleton king when he was alive and went mad. Or a film about Bartuc the warlord of blood. Or any of the other characters mentioned in the tomes.
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